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Chapter 11

Murong Wan Ru

Looking at Shen Xiao Yun’s leaving back, Murong Shu Qing smiled and continued to lie down on the grass, the sun already disappeared completely, so the afterglow was held back. That dazzling remnant of the red color gradually shredded also, the beautiful thing was always easy to disappear the most, but because one was unable to seize it either, it was hard to preserve it and it made people to be reluctant to leave even more.

Zi Yuan was holding a piece of white cotton brocade, she slowly walked over to Murong Shu Qing, he did but find Miss at Sui Yuan, so it was most likely that she could find her by this lotus pond. Her naked feet that were exposed outside actually went against the etiquettes (actual words used Confucian code of ethics), but unfortunately, Miss really liked to take off her shoes and socks, soaking her feet in this pond, and would not listen to anybody’s advise either. If they were not by her side, once she finished soaking her feet, she would just walked and returned barefoot, and would not even wear shoes, it was tiring for them to be forced to follow her with several cotton brocades.

Arriving by her side, Zi Yuan stooped in a whisper and said: “Miss, Miss Wan Ru has returned.”

“How is the situation?” Closing her eyes, she faintly asked.

“Not too good, I already invite Physician Tao to come over.”

Hearing that Zi Yuan was hesitating, Murong Shu Qing opened her eyes, and looked at Zi Yuan who knitted her eyebrows, then she sighed and said: “En, let us take a look.” Barely wanting to stand up, Zi Yuan rushed a step, used the cotton brocade to cover Murong Shu Qing’s wet feet, and rapidly wiped them dry. She took the shoes and socks that were by her side, smoothly gave them to Murong Shu Qing to wear properly, then she supported her to get up. Looking at her own dry and clean feet, Murong Shu Qing laughed and shook her head, she extended her hand to Zi Yuan and stood up, then she walked over to go to Chu Yun pavilion.

After the two people left, the two attractive people who were always standing at a distance place near a rock garden, slowly strolled to come out.

“How do you see it?!” Pei Che’s muffled and sweet-sounding voice carried a faint graveness, “Murong’s family is not the same simple family as the one that we originally imagine, being here for several days, you should be able to see it on your own. The inside of Murong’s manor is heavily-guarded, the bodyguards who are both in the open and in the dark, are not less than 40-50 people, their martial arts are not weak. Even more, those two secret bodyguards who are following Murong Shu Qing closely by her side, are very reserved and calm, their whereabouts are hidden.”

“It is really not simple. Is this not interesting even more!” A pair of eyes were watching attentively at the lotus pond that Murong Shu Qing treasured so much, Xuanyuan Yi recalled the words that Murong Shu Qing said that evening. The smiling expression on his eyes appeared gradually, a very good Murong Shu Qing, no matter if you were concealing yourselves up, or your soul was borrowed, it had provoked his interest, you were destined not be able to escape.

Looking at Xuanyuan Yi who looked like a tilting huge rock on the side, with his deep eyes, and the corner of his mouth raised up gently, Pei Che cried out in fear: “You do not really take a fancy to her, right!”

“So what if I do?!” He could not deny it that this kind of her attracted him, it made him want to investigate her. It seemed like when he was a child and he found out a new cave, novelty, excitement, there was a little bit of danger. It made people to be fascinated.

“If it is yes, then ~~~ very good!” Pei Che smiled his answer.

Both of the people had their own strengths, and could be regarded as evenly matched up, one was an accomplished youngster, the famous General who protected the whole country. The other one was a fresh, clean and elegant, mysterious and smart business merchant. The most important thing was the next course of events would definitely be quite wonderful and interesting.

Xuanyuan Yi threw one glance at the crafty and wicked smile of Pei Che, one leap and he was already on his back, Pei Che was really a fox (cunning person).

Murong Shu Qing entered Chu Yun pavilion, Yun Pei Hua, the physician and also two servant girls were standing inside the side room, she could not see the person who was on the bed. When she went to stand, Yun Pei Hua saw Murong Shu Qing, so she promptly went to welcome her and smilingly said: “Shu Qing, you came.”

Murong Shu Qing had a smile on her face and nodded, when she heard that Yun Pei Hua mentioned her name, the person who was on the bed, clearly startled, and shrank towards the inside of the bed all of a sudden. Thus, she did not move forwards any longer, and waited until the physician finished his examination properly, then she quietly asked: “Physician Tao, how is she?”

The old physician cupped his hands to bow, he stood up, and slowly said: “Miss does not need to worry too much, besides suffering external rib fractures, Miss Wan Ru’s other wounds are superficial (only bruises), if she rests for several months properly to recuperate, and she can completely recover. But her emotional issue in her heart, if she does not open her mind, I am afraid that it will fail to cure her illness completely.”

“I understood, many thanks to Physician Tao!” Waiting for the physician to walk to the side to write the prescription, the servant girl went to steep the tea at that time. Murong Shu Qing was next to the candle, and could see clearly the person who was on the bed. The woman was about 20 years old, her shoulder was draped by some loose long hair and her face was even more delicate, her forehead was already wrapped with a bandage. Although the outer corner of her eyes were somewhat bruises, but one could see that her big eyes were sparkling and translucent as if they were precious stones, but those beautiful eyes nevertheless, revealed suffering and panic. Her lush and soft but dry-looking lips, looked like they were always bitten, her hands that were holding firmly at Yun Pei Hua’s hand showed some new and old bruises. Even though she looked conspicuously pathetic, but it did not lose her lucid and elegant looks, and she looked really similar to Yun Pei Hua. Her thin and weak body was leaning on the bed railing, she had not raised her head to look at her all along. This kind of delicate woman, but she had to face this kind of cruelty and violence. Murong Shu Qing’s heart was angry, she felt a pity on her, and helpless, finally, she could only changed into a light sigh. She was appearing here now like this, towards Wan Ru, it could be said that she (MRSQ) gave her (WR) some kind of pressures, right. (The old MRSQ always bullied Wan Ru).

Murong Shu Qing gently said to the person who was on the bed and trembling all along: “Since you are already home, just do not think too much, you can be at ease staying here, Pei Yiniang misses you for a long time, you can chat properly, ok!”

Explaining to Zi Yuan to look for two servant girls to come over to take care of her, she turned around and went out of the Chu Yun pavilion.

Barely entering Sui Yuan, Lu Yi and Hong Xiu welcomed her. Lu Yi brought tea for Murong Shu Qing, and Zi Yuan was smiling at Murong Shu Qing, then she said: “Miss, the gifts for the Fu family’s birthday feast and tomorrow’s Yi family wedding reception have already been prepared.”

“En!” Murong Shu Qing carelessly looked at one large and one small brocade boxes that were on the table, she nodded her head, and lightly pursed up her lips to smell the fragrant tea. The fragrant of the tea was strong, and the tea’s temperature was delightful. These three girls (ya tou) were more and more capable, Zi Yuan was steady and calm, Lu Yi was gentle and attentive, and Hong Xiu was lively and adorable. All three had grace, and were loyal in taking care of her and each other. Recalling three years ago, they were the ones who accompanied her for many times ah!

Looking at Zi Yuan who was holding a teacup, and wanting to say something but hesitating, Murong Shu Qing gently asked: “Zi Yuan, what is wrong?”

“Miss, the Fu’s family is making some frequent moves recently, they have decided to get the locust tree seeds!” Really hateful, the locust tree seeds were the most important type of dye that were used to dye the Imperial’s bright yellow materials. The locust trees were hard to survive, and they also required to be on a very high soil, except for the Emperor who could wear this bright yellow apparel, the other people could not wear the color, thus the average households would seldom plant the locust trees. Therefore, most of the locust trees were subsidized by Miss for those households that planted the locust trees. Waiting every year to be used for the Imperial brocade’s competition, then they would sell the locust tree seeds to the victorious workshop, this was an unwritten rule. The Fu’s family had not started the competition yet but they already bought the locust tree seeds now, it clearly showed that they would not let the other people to dye the bright yellow material!

“Oh?!” They finally made some movements after all!

“En, it started from yesterday, the Fu’s family purchased the locust tree seeds from various places, the price was more than double the normal price.” If it was not because of those household that planted the locust trees were afraid that Miss would not subsidize them next year, came over to inform them, then the Fu family’s plot would have succeeded.

“Alright, inform those households that plant the locust trees, except for the small area behind the Yun mountain, they can not sell, the other can sell to the Fu’s family for the double market price.” Since he already took the first shot, she wanted to show her support!

“But, there is no locust tree seeds yet, there is simply no way to dye the bright yellow material, can it be that we want to abandon the Imperial brocade competition?” Did Miss not plan to participate in this year’s Imperial brocade competition!? The locust tree seeds could not be preserved, they could only be used in the same year, they did not have any stocks at all ah! How could we abandon the locus tree seeds!

“Be at ease, I will not abandon (the completion), just go and do what I have said.” Patting Zi Yuan’s shoulder, Murong Shu Qing faintly smiled, but it could give people calmness and strength.

“Yes!” Zi Yuan slowly nodded, yeah ah, she should believe Miss.

Hong Xiu who was on the side, looked at Zi Yuan’s grave expression, and she smilingly said: “Zi Yuan jiejie (older sister), you do not need to be anxious, what Miss has said, will definitely be right.”

“I do not mean it like that, I am only afraid with the method that the Fu’s family will use, their treacherous styles, and will be disadvantageous towards Miss.”

“Humph! What is to be afraid of, if he will make a tricky move, we will too ah! We will make a trickier move than him!” Hong Xiu’s furious and loud voice came out.

Listening to the words that she said, the three people were laughing heartily, Hong Xiu pouted her mouth, mysteriously looking at the three people who were laughing while rocking their bodies back and forth, were the words that she spoke really that funny?!

“You ah ~~” Zi Yuan was smiling and lightly pushing Hong Xiu’s head, this was all because of Miss’ indulgence these past few years, she always pampered this young girl without discipline, so she had an exaggerated opinion.

Murong Shu Qing breathed, and said to Lu Yi who was still laughing and panting on the side: “Lu Yi, help me to bring a pot of tea!” Lu Yi was still smiling, she nodded her head and went out.

Looking at Zi Yuan who was still anxious, Murong Shu Qing was smiling, and she faintly said: “Zi Yuan, you do not need to be anxious, it is only the Fu’s family, it will be enough to handle him only. I am afraid, if the An’s family and Fu’s family join hands, then we will have to be cautious!”

“The An’s family and Fu’s family are not always getting along, they do not have any contacts with each other, is it possible to join hands together?”

“Foolish girl, this business world is the same as in politics, there is no eternal enemy, there is also no eternal friend, but there is always eternally taking advantage of (other people).” The merchants chased for profits, this was a very normal thing. Annihilating a common enemy, receiving the benefits, again, considering the hostile problems before it was too late. But looking at Zi Yuan who tightly wrinkled her eyebrows more and more, Murong Shu Qing decided not to say anything anymore. Taking the hot tea from Lu Yi, she waved her hand to let them go to rest.

When the three people departed, Sui Yuan seemed to be very quiet, one could only hear a rustling wind sound that was blowing the bamboo forest. Murong Shu Qing took out two teacups, lightly shook the teapot, and let the hot water to be fully mixed with the tea. Sniffing at the faintly overflowing tea fragrant, she lightly laughed and softly chanted: “You have come for a long time, do you have any interest in accompanying me to drink a cup of tea?!”

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