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Murong Shu Qing who always had a light sleep, was awaken by some noises from outside the room, draping her outer clothing on her shoulder, Murong Shu Qing walked to the side of the window. She could only see that under the moonlight, a gray and a purple figures were fighting but it was difficult to see who was who. Murong Shu Qing slightly narrowed her eyes, it was Fan Feng, and ___ Xuanyuan Yi. As it turned out Fan Feng’s martial arts were unexpectedly very good, no wonder Yan Yu and Cang Su trusted him. But Xuanyuan Yi’s fighting technique appeared to be sharper, not wanting to look at them to continue fighting anymore, Murong Shu Qing softly called out: “Alright, stop the fight.”

Hearing her voice, Fan Feng retreated one step back, and increased his distance with Xuanyuan Yi, he silently retreated out. But Xuanyuan Yi wished to continue with the fight. Where did Murong Shu Qing find these many capable people, he just stepped into the courtyard, and was already tangled with him.

Xuanyuan Yi walked to Murong Shu Qing’s front, under the moonlight, she smiled and stood there. Sizing her up, Xuanyuan Yi just smiled and said: “It seems that your vitality is not bad.”

Murong Shu Qing also sized her own body up and down and smiled, she nodded her head and answered: “It is indeed not bad.”

“I will return to the army camp early tomorrow morning, are you going to stay here?” Her relationship with that Shang Jun was not normal, but the environment here was really better suited to heal her wound. However, he also wished that she would stay by his side, so he wanted to hear what she would say.

He unexpectedly would ask her opinion on this?! Xuanyuan Yi’s back was facing the moonlight, so she could not see his expression, but she could feel that his eagle eyes were tightly locking on her own body. So Murong Shu Qing did not answer his question at all, on the contrary, she asked: “You already have some good plans in your mind, why not try to convince Shang Jun again?”

Xuanyuan Yi raised his eyebrows and asked: “You think that I have already thought of a way?” It seemed that he had not explained about this yet.

Standing was somewhat tiring, so Murong Shu Qing sat down on the soft couch, and shrugged her shoulders, she said casually: “If you are defeated by this type of battle array, then your War God’s title will really be undeserving. You are always studying the topography, so you must have a new solution to fight it.” Every time, she went to the Master’s tent, he practically did not speak anything, and only incessantly fiddled with the topography map. Xuanyuan Yi was not a person who would resigned to his fate, so he must have thought about it in his heart.

She knew it? Reclining by the side of the window, and looking at Murong Shu Qing who was smiling and looking at him confidently, Xuanyuan Yi asked with a smile but yet not a smile: “Are you sure that you really do not know anything about fighting in the army?” Was it because she had too much confidence on him, or her perception was really so sharp like this?

Murong Shu Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry and nodded her head to answer: “I think so.” If she had casually looked over military books at the library, or that she could be regarded as being able to understand it, then maybe, it could be considered that she had a slight knowledge. But she really did not think that she would understand it at all.

“I have really thought a way to resolve it, but if we can break it at that time, that will be better.” This was also the reason that he came to Piao Miao Manor, but looking at Shang Jun’s manner tonight, he was afraid that it was futile.

“Then, why do you not try to persuade Shang Jun again?” In her opini

on, Jun’s heart was already moved, so as long as Xuanyuan Yi could provide his strategy, Jun should be able to agree to this.

Xuanyuan Yi walked to the front of the soft couch, and asked: “Do you already know him earlier?”

“For only three years.”

Xuanyuan Yi suddenly half squatted down, so he could be on the same level as Murong Shu Qing, those pair of arrogant eyes were heated up, but his voice was still gloomy: “You said that you would wait for my answer.”

Murong Shu Qing thought that she heard his voice wrongly, did she hope to get this person’s answer? Did he understand her? Not at all dodging that pair of heated eyes that were as if it was a deep ocean and were looking at her, Murong Shu Qing faintly but clearly answered: “I am always waiting.”

She knew that her own heart was already moved by him when she saw him in that early midsummer afternoon, when they were riding the horses and chasing each other on that public road, and when she was trembling because of him at that lotus lake. But could he really give her the answer that she wanted to hear?

“Alright, I am going to tell you now.”

Murong Shu Qing grabbed his hand, and shook her head, she said: “You should still think about it before we discuss this again.” She knew that he was jealous because of Shang Jun, so she did not want him to let his emotions affect his decisions, so he would give her a muddled-headed answer due to his jealousy. Getting up, she crossed over Xuanyuan Yi who was squatting upfront, and Murong Shu Qing faintly said: “I am tired.”

Just when Murong Shu Qing was about to cross him over, Xuanyuan Yi managed to grab her hand, the two people, one was squatting while the other was standing, remained silent like this for a long time. The moonlight was pulling their long figures. After a long time, Xuanyuan Yi got up, his one hand was stroking Murong Shu Qing’s loose and long hair. He seemed to say something for her to hear, but it also seemed to say something for himself to hear even more: “What should I do to get you?!”

The next morning, Xuanyuan Yi’s delegation, Shang Jun, Shang Xiao, Murong Shu Qing and Qin Xiu Zhi were all sitting in the reception pavilion. Xuanyuan Yi who did not speak anything last night, got up and said straight to the point: “Master Shang, I do not want to waste everyone’s time, breaking the battle array in this war is very important not only for my army. If Master Shang thinks that this has nothing to do with you, then Xuanyuan Yi will not force you to do anything anymore.”

Shang Jun was blowing the green tea that was in his hand, while he smilingly asked: “Tell me what you are thinking, then I will help you break the battle array, do you have any assurances that you will win?”

He was interested? Pei Che secretly looked one glance at Murong Shu Qing who was eating some pastries, what were they talking about, it seemed to be related to her. Shang Jun’s attitude was very unyielding last night, how could he already change by the next morning?!

Xuanyuan Yi said with a clear voice: “I already have a new strategy to go on the offensive, if you command the front side to break the battle array, my army will be split into two. One will go all the way to Qu Shan mountain to avoid going within the range of the battle array, then we will directly attack from behind. When their primary attention is being put within the battle array, my army will give them a surprise attack at that time so this will definitely catch them off guard. If you are succeeded in breaking the battle array, then you will attack from the front side so we are attacking both sides, we will definitely be triumphant. The other army will go to Xue Shan mountain to go around the other place, while my army and Cang Yue’s army are fighting, they will burn Cang Yue’s army provisions, we will get revenge by using their own game.”

Shu Qing was right, Xuanyuan Yi really had a good plan, but ___ Shang Jun put down the tea in his hand, and changed his attitude, he seriously analyzed: “Attacking in three ways is really a good method, but firstly, do you really know where the enemy troops store their grains? Secondly, the time requirement for this strategy is high, can you guarantee that you will be able to fit the time properly? Thirdly, I have seen this person, You Xiao, based on my understanding, he will not only put one battle array and then think that he will not have any worry. So are you sure that your three ways attacking method will be feasible? I am just afraid that we will fall into the other people’s tricks at that time.”

His opinion this time, not only it made Li Ming showed his disapproved expression, it also made Xuanyuan Yi look even brighter, and his mood also came around, so he took a topographic map from his bosom and spread it in front of Shang Jun, he said: “My army has already investigated and found out where the granary is located, as far as the time to attack, we will wait until you break the battle array. When you go within the battle array, you can give out a signal, both of the armies will begin attacking separately. As far as this person, You Xiao, I know that he is crafty after fighting for two months with him, but he also has one weakness, that is he is excessively arrogant. He will pull a large battle array, moreover, he believes that nobody can break his battle array, so after he puts the battle array, he will incorporate another hidden trap and will not be on guard with another thing, so the three ways attacking method is still feasible.”

Shang Jun examined the topographic map, the marks were very clear, the routes were detailed, so he immediately admired Xuanyuan Yi in his heart, he smilingly said at once: “Alright, I agree to break the battle array.”

“Really?!” Li Ming cried out in surprise, how could he agree easily like this? Pei Che was also startled with Shang Jun’s change of attitude, and looking at Murong Shu Qing again. She was still staying out of it leisurely, was it really not because of her? What was the relationship between her and Piao Miao Manor after all?!

Shang Jun smilingly said: “Do I look like I am joking? Let’s go. We will settle this matter as soon as possible.” He could not wait any longer.

A delegation of people got up, Qin Xiu Zhi who was always sitting at the furthest side, suddenly got up and cupped his hands to ask: “I do not know whether or not Qin Mou can journey together?” He also did not know what was wrong with him, but he just wanted to stay by his side. He should like Shu Qing, or like the lively Shang Xiao is also very normal, but he discovered that he unexpected thought about Shang Jun the most. He should run as far away as he could, but why did he want to follow him all the way? Was he crazy?

Shang Jun had not said the answer, but Shang Xiao who was sitting on the side, also jumped up and said: “I also want to go.”

Shang Jun helplessly shook his head, and smilingly said: “Xiao-er, this is not going to have fun.”

“Elder brother, let me go.” She knew that this fighting with Cang Yue, also related to the revenge for her father and mother, so she must go.

Shang Jun still wanted to say something, but Shang Xiao was persistently staring with her gaze, so he could lightly nod in the end.

Pei Che felt that the atmosphere was somewhat gloomy, so he smilingly said: “Alright, since everyone wants to work together, let’s just go together.”

Who would have thought, his good intention actually made Shang Xiao to show her deference and she sneeringly smiled: “It is not to help you, so meddlesome.” The atmosphere was lively at this time, a burst of laughters filled the reception pavilion. But Pei Che actually did not know whether to laugh or cry, this was exactly who provoked who!!

The group of people were laughing and mocking, but Shu Qing actually saw an interesting scene, those pair of glossy eyes from Xiu Zhi had never left Jun, maybe spring would come quickly.

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