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I apologized for the delay in posting this chapter. The alarm to remind me to post the chapter didn’t go off… 😂😂😂

I changed the title of this novel to Destined Marriage With Fragrance as it's closer to the title in Chinese. Without further ado, let’s start our adventures with Miss Murong Shu Qing aka Bai Yi Fan. Over 2,600 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

Volume 1 – Magnificent Beginning, By Qian Lu

Chapter 1

Bai Yi Fan

The bright sunshine reflected into a light purple room, a figure who was on the bed was groaning, with her head that was still buried under a yellow silk blanket, and continued to sleep. Unfortunately, a burst of sweet sounding music was echoing at this moment, it seemed that one would deliberately not let this figure who was on the bed to continue sleeping again. Grudgingly, a slim hand grabbed a cell phone that was beside the bed.

“Hello.” A hoarse voice faintly came through from under the silk blanket.

“Little pig, you are still sleeping!” A pleasant man’s voice with a light smile came through from the other side.

“Elder brother, today is the weekend!”

“I know that today is the weekend, but mother wants us to return home earlier and have a meal together today. It is already 1 o’clock now, this girl, you should also get out of the bed, Yi Fan?”

“En, I heard it.”

Bai Xi Fan helplessly broke into laughter, towards this darling younger sister, he did not have any ways at all. “Good, I will pick you up in about an hour, remember to get out of the bed.” He felt that his own self quickly becoming like an old woman. But the phone that was on his head, was silent, it seemed that there were some people who were working on the weekend.

The spring just arrived recently, a warm atmosphere was revealed everywhere, those men and women who were on the road, turned their heads around one after another, just because of the white BMW X5 with a handsome man next to it. The men’s gazes were gathered towards the famous car, and the women naturally would not let go admiring this elegant and beautiful man.

Bai Yi Fan who was relaxed, cracking jokes and smiling, also moving towards Bai Xi Fan, even when he was picking her up, he did not forget to play cool.

“Handsome guy, can we go now?” A clear and bright voice had an indolent hint in it.

Bai Xi Fan was looking at Yi Fan who was beside the car, and looking like himself, faintly smiling, with a casual gesture, but it made people unable to move their eyes. When many people saw her for the first time, they would think that she was not as outstanding as her two older brothers. But once they were staying by her side for a long time, they would know that she had a simple and elegant personality, indolent bearing that was bewitching. But unfortunately, this girl did not have any feelings on her own charm, because of her own ‘mediocre’ appearance and fortunate.

“Of course, Princess, please!” Bai Xi Fan gentlemanly opened the car door for the lady.

“Elder brother, why is mother requesting us to return home earlier today ah?”

“Eldest brother is bringing his girlfriend home today, mother is certainly nervous.”

“Eldest brother, when does he start having a girlfriend?” Bai Yi Fan was startled.

“You, ‘who have never paid attention to outside matters’, naturally do not know it.” Bai Xi Fan mocked her.

“Am I?” Bai Yi Fan forced a smile. She thought that her own self was merely indifferent, a little casual, did she really become a person ‘who had never paid attention to outside matters’?

“How many weeks have you not been home, mother is nagging until my ears hurt.” Bai Xi Fan intentionally complaint about this.

Bai Yi Fan knitted her eyebrows: “Then, what are we still waiting for, let us return home!”

“Xiao Zheng, eat a little bit more, you look thin. Pu Fan, why do you look stunned, give Xiao Zheng more dishes ah, you look like a piece of wood.” Fang Fei Qing passionately took care of it, and she did not forget to glare once at her eldest son. She, as a mother was indeed born under an ill star (unlucky), she had three children, all her sons were handsome, smart and out of the ordinary, even though her daughter was not a beauty unmatched in her generation, in any case, she was still pretty and unique ah. Her eldest son was more than 30 years old, and her smallest daughter was already 26 years old. But why would they not obediently get married, and make her craving as a paternal grandmother, or maternal grandmother a reality ah! Since Pu Fan brought back home his girlfriend to her, then, she would grab this opportunity to make them get married a little sooner, that way, she would hold a grandson soon!

“Mom, you should not frighten the person, her bowl is still so full.” Bai Xi Fan reminded her smilingly.

“Muddled youngster, eat your own food, less talking long winded things.” Fang Fei Qing kicked her second son’s foot from under the table. But looking at Qin Zheng’s bowl, it was indeed piling up with food, she could not even put her chopstick down on it.

“Aunt, you do not have to take care of me, you should also eat ah!” Qin Zheng awkwardly smiled, Bai Mama was so passionate, she still did not know how good it was. She looked at the ‘small mountain’, then she looked towards Bai Pu Fan for help.

____ It was useless looking at me, I would not be able to help you, you should make an extra effort on your own! Bai Pu Fan used a helpless eyes and smile while he was looking at her. Qin Zheng stared coldly at him, but she did not have any methods either, and could only be forced to turn towards the attack of the ‘small mountain’ that was in front of her.

“Yi Fan, you also eat a little bit more, it has been a long time since you come home to eat, here, drink more soup, this was your most favorite chicken soup.” Fang Fei Qing was busy giving her daughter the flourishing soup. Her only daughter was the one whom she was worried the most, she could never show what was in her heart since she was a child. She was studying a dual degrees in finance and marketing in college, but when she sat for the entrance exam for a graduate program, she unexpectedly chose psychology?! She did not know how she passed the college’s entrance exam. She graduated with great difficulty, and let her work at Pu Fan’s company as a marketing person, but she said that she did not like it. Then, she let her go to Xi Fan’s advertising business to be a design assistant, she did not like it either! Good, ok, then she started to do consultation as a psychologist, which would be the best, but she said that it did not suit her!! Then, what was she doing studying psychology?? It was good to let her choose on her own, she finally worked, but unexpectedly, she chose __ to become __ a librarian!!! But let her be, she only had this one daughter, as long as she was happy, she did not care what she wanted to do. The most important thing to do now was to take care of her body properly. So __ a big bowl of soup was put in front of Bai Yi Fan.

Bai Yi Fan forced a smile, she had not said anything, but still could not escape from her mother’s soup. It was not like the soup did not taste good, speaking the truth, mother’s soup was very good. But if she drank three big bowls of soup continuously, she thought that anybody would not be able to endure it! However, she still accepted her misfortunes and drank it, otherwise mother would begin to nag again.

While she was drinking the soup, she secretly looked at eldest brother’s girlfriend __ Qin Zheng. She was petite, her facial features were not really outstanding, but it let people to have a deep impression with her brilliant smile, and she gave some mix feelings like she was glowing under the rays of sunshine. It gave people a warm feeling. And even though eldest brother did not say anything, but when they communicated with their eyes, their facial expressions showed their continuous happiness. This delightful girl really matched with her serious eldest brother, they really complimented each other ah. She thought that if they set up their wedding quickly, mother’s wish should be achieved quickly.

“Yi Fan ah, your paternal grandfather said yesterday that he found a mysterious good stuff, when you have some free times, you should return to the old home (usually this refers to the grandparents’ house or ancestor’s house), he was not willing to say what he found out though?! Really annoying!” Bai Chu Yan suddenly thought to tell Bai Yi Fan something.

“I know, father, I will go tomorrow.” Paternal grandfather was her most favorite person whom she loved and respected, because she felt that paternal grandfather understood her.

Bai Yi Fan was walking on the pathway up to the hill, and looking at the small birds that were traveling back and forth in between the forests. She had a cheerful mood, her most favorite thing to do when she was a child, was when paternal grandfather built a bird nest to give to her. Recalling this back now, she spent all of her childhood’s times here. She felt so familiar and close with everything in this place.

“Paternal grandfather, I am here!” Even though she had not even entered the courtyard, Bai Yi Fan called out with a loud voice.

One elderly who appeared to be more than 70 years old, with a head that was filled with white hair, came out, his voice was actually loud and clear as a bell: “This girl, how long have you not come back here to see this old man.” While saying that, he reached out his hand to pinch Bai Yi Fan’s small face. He always loved and bonded with this child since she was a child, in a wink, she was already big like this.

“Am I not here now?!” Paternal grandfather, I miss you the most!” Bai Yi Fan hurriedly acted like a spoiled child to rescue her own face. Heaven ah! She was already this big, but paternal grandfather still pinched her face just like in the past.

“Ha ha, this girl, you really know how to coax me to be happy, quickly go in, the sun is so bright outside.” Bai Jing Yang hugged Bai Yi Fan’s shoulder, one tall and one small figures entered the second floor of the wooden house.

“Is this the good thing that you want me to come back to look at? Heaven ah! It is extremely beautiful! Where did this thing come from!!” Bai Yi Fan felt that her speech was incoherent quickly. A black velvet tray was on a whole body of snow white, the sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid’s jade bracelet was blossoming in gentle brilliant rays. Examining it carefully, one could see the light purple brilliant among the grains, as if it was faintly flowing. Her heart seemed to be bound by this thing for a while, her eyes could not leave it.

“When I seized it, I knew for sure that you would like it.” Bai Jing Yang was looking at Bai Yi Fan who was unable to take her eyes off it, and then, he was laughing heartily when he said the words.

“Can I touch it?” Bai Yi Fan felt that this bracelet was enticing her, so she wanted to touch it. She wanted to see whether or not it would seem to be as gentle as it looked.

“Of course, you can. Professor Feng brought it back from the city of Lou Lan (modern Xin Jiang city), he let me to determine what century this treasure was from. But I still have not made any conclusion up to now.” This was also the reason that she called for Xiao Fan to come here, even though Xiao Fan did not major in ancient study, but she had been studying next to him since she was a child, and she really had a talent in this field.

Bai Yi Fan put on the gloves, and picked up the bracelet, she immediately felt some cold energies on her fingertips. Facing towards the sunshine to see it, the quality of the bracelet was very good, under the sunshine, the purple color was even more distinct, so it caused a faint purple mist to surround it.

“It would be hard to determine which century this belonged to. Looking at the degree of luster of this bracelet, it did not look like it was a new polish, but it also did not look like it experienced a long term periods of erosion for an antique. Furthermore, the body of the bracelet did not have many scrapes and traces, one could still clearly feel the cold energy, it seemed that the texture should not be a jade either.” Then, what would it be? Playing with the bracelet, she was more puzzled over it.

“It was indeed not a jade, I found someone who had determined (that it was not a jade). The specific compositions report about this has not come out yet, the initial look appeared to be the type of magnetic ore (mineral rock), it was harmless to the body.” He was also distressed, but his interest was also aroused. He had been appreciating antiques for so many years, but he had not seen any treasure like this.

Bai Yi Fan walked to the balcony, the sunshine was even more abundant outside, the bracelet emitted even a colder energy, it really made one’s body to feel relax and comfortable, and also made the sunshine did not appear to become too hot either. What was this after all?

Bai Yi Fan looked in a trance, and was totally unaware that her own body was also surrounded by the purple mist. When Bai Jing Yang turned around to look at this strange scene, his heart was suddenly startled: “Xiao Fan~!” Hearing paternal grandfather’s call, Bai Yi Fan turned around, but the scenery in front of her was fuzzy. Suddenly, she felt that it was empty air under her feet, and she fell down, what was going on? Did the balcony just collapse? The only thing that met her was darkness.

Sian's notes:

This chapter was actually a rather sad one to me as we were shown how our female lead's life in the modern time before she somehow went back to the ancient time. Most of the transmigrated novels that I have read, didn't really show the MC's old lives. Sometimes they would show a little bit here and there when they were recalling their lives. But this chapter actually hit me harder especially knowing that our female lead have such a great family in the modern time. Can you imagine how guilty her grandfather is, watching his favorite grandchild "disappearing" like that. 😭😭😭 In the future chapters, we will also see how sad Murong Shu Qing is whenever she remembers her family in the modern time…

This chapter is also the reason why I decided to translate this novel from the beginning as the other previous translators didn't include this part. For whatever reason, this chapter was omitted from the raw that the other two translators were using.

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