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Published at 27th of November 2020 10:54:27 AM

Chapter 701

There are three fragments . One is in Nansong Emperor’s hands . One is in Li fu . And one seems to be in the Ancestral Temple . ” Xuanyuan Che crossed his arms over his chest and gritted his teeth . He originally didn’t know this, but from the expressions of the three people, it would be difficult for him not to know .

No wonder Helian Yunzhao and Dugu Ye stayed in Li fu and the Ancestral Temple .

Aoyun and Xuesheng were indeed more well-informed than his Tianchen .

“If they get this monstrous wealth, Aoyun and Xuesheng……” Xuanyuan Che clenched his fists tightly . His face sunk .

“How much?” LiuYue returned to her senses and mouthed towards Xuanyuan Che .

“A country can make a comeback . What do you think?”

LiuYue’s mouth slightly twitched . Wealth that could build a kingdom wasn’t something that one could imagine .

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If Aoyun and Xuesheng obtained this wealth, hers and Xuanyuan Che’s futures would become more complicated .

LiuYue frowned deeply . She looked at the cold Dugu Ye and smiling Helian Yunzhao . Her mind lit up .

“No . They didn’t get it . ” LiuYue pinched Xuanyuan hard .

Xuanyuan Che suddenly turned around .

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“They didn’t get it because we’ve been following them,” LiuYue quickly and secretly told Xuanyuan Che . They had been following them for a few days . They personally saw that the two men didn’t find anything .

They definitely hadn’t found the fragments over these past few days . If they had already found the treasure, what would they have been looking for then……?

That’s right . That’s right .

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Xuanyuan Che and LiuYue’s eyes brightened at the same time .

Those fragments were fake . They were used to alert the enemy .

They were such important things . If Dugu Ye or Helian Yunzhao found them, why would they bring them out in front of Nansong Emperor and the others? They would have made sure the news would never leak out . But now, it was as if they were announcing it to the world .

They did this for only one purpose . It was to beat the grass to startle the snake . It wasn’t a bad thing to beat the grass to startle the snake . To catch the snake, you had to first lure it out before you knew where it was .

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