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Published at 6th of November 2020 10:16:45 AM

Chapter 695

Thank you for your praise, benefactor . ” An old monk sitting opposite Ouyang Yufei smiled .

“Abbot, our Ancestral Temple should be praised . ” Nansong Emperor sat next to the abbot and smiled like a Maitreya Buddha .

“It really is a beautiful sight . ” Helian Yunzhao, who sat next to the Nansong Emperor, took a sip of wine . He praised as he looked at the peach blossom trees swaying in the breeze and sprinkling pink petals .

The cold Dugu Ye next to Helian Yunzhao didn’t say anything, but he slightly nodded .

Nansong Emperor saw this and smiled even happier .

When the Ancestral Temple was built, a few peach blossom trees were planted . No one expected that after a few hundred years, it would actually develop into tens of thousands of peach blossom trees and became the scenery behind the dilapidated Ancestral Temple .

The blossoming period was also later . Other peach blossoms had already bloomed, but the peach blossoms here bloomed late, which showed off its uniqueness .

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During these two days, Aoyun Taizi Dugu Ye and Xuesheng Taizi Helian Yunzhao came here to take a look . Sure enough, they really liked it here . Nansong Emperor couldn’t help but smile even more .

“Qiu Han, do you have anything poetic to say?” Prime Minister Li sitting on the side smiled at Ouyang Yufei .

This Qiu Han was knowledgeable in everything from astronomy to geography . He was amiable and a rare talent . He also had a clean family background and not someone without any backing .

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Aoyun Taizi Dugu Ye and Xuesheng Taizi Helian Yunzhao were both splendid talents . They were very arrogant, so not everyone could have a conversation with them .

Thus, Prime Minister Li had specifically brought Qiu Han over and hoped that Dugu Ye and Helian Yunzhao would like him .

The few people there couldn’t help but look at Ouyang Yufei .

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Ouyang Yufei chuckled . “The flowers are blinding . I’m afraid to show off in front of Aoyun Taizi and Taizi . It will be vulgar . ”

His words were very gentle and courteous . He said that he didn’t dare to show off in front of Helian Yunzhao, but at the same time, he didn’t forget that “Qiu Han” was from Xuesheng Kingdom .

Prime Minister Li smiled . “It’s okay . It’s okay . Getting the guidance of Xuesheng Taizi is your blessing . Just start . ” He smiled and motioned at Ouyang Yufei .

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