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Published at 4th of September 2020 11:19:22 AM
Chapter 678

The Maitreya Buddha’s expression turned serious . Nansong Emperor didn’t issue an order and only waved his hand .


“Reporting to Emperor, there is someone painting to attract butterflies on the periphery of the valley . ” Someone reported a short time later outside the curtain .

“Painting to attract butterflies?” Nansong Emperor was slightly surprised .

“Yes . A sky full of butterflies landed on the peony in the painting . It is an impressive spectacle . ” Although the person reporting sounded calm, his tone also contained surprise .

“Oh? There’s such a thing? Let’s go take a look . ” Helian Yunzhao looked surprised . He smiled and stood up .



Dugu Ye didn’t say anything, but he also stood up .

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“Okay . Let’s go take a look then . Let’s see whose painting skills are so godlike . ” Nansong Emperor stood up too .

The three people descended slowly from the high set of stairs . The guards in front of them immediately cleared a path and stood in two orderly rows .

 One light gold and one orange light fell and landed in front of LiuYue who was hiding in the eaves . A finger flicked and two beams of transparent light flew towards that figure in red .


LiuYue’s body shrunk as fast as lightning and she tightly affixed herself to a gap in the eaves .

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Their footsteps paused . Dugu Ye and Helian Yunzhao turned their heads at the same time to look in the direction where LiuYue was just at . The light wind caused by the finger flick didn’t escape their ears .

There was no one there . There was no sound of breathing . There was no trace of any aura .

Dugu Ye frowned . He looked behind Helian Yunzhao . There was nothing there . There was nothing abnormal .

Helian Yunzhao also turned to look at Dugu Ye . There wasn’t even the slightest trace of abnormality .

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They looked at each other . Could they both have heard wrong?

Their eyebrows moved . Nansong Emperor in the front had already descended . Dugu Ye and Helian Yunzhao pondered for a moment and looked at the eaves again . Then they turned to go down . Perhaps they had been too sensitive .

The guards surrounded the three people downstairs .

LiuYue lightly exhaled . They were two very sharp people . She looked down at the empty room . There was no one left . She flipped over and flashed away .

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