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Chen Cai was right next to him. He could feel Chen Xiang's current state of mind, and he sent a sound transmission to him, "You need to make your move now."

"Of course not!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, they had already emerged from the darkness and appeared in a forest in the middle of the Natural Law World.

"Why are you suddenly angry?" Chen Cai was extremely suspicious, because Chen Xiang's anger had erupted all of a sudden. Although Chen Xiang had restrained himself very well, Chen Cai could still sense it.

"This is my territory!" Chen Xiang told Chen Cai simply about how he was in charge of managing the Natural Law World, "Now that my world has been invaded by this group of people, I'm even preparing to wantonly destroy it."

"That's true, these guys really do owe me a lesson." Chen Cai nodded: "Do you have any good plans?"

After the formation plate was suspended in the air, it released a very peculiar Time and space power. Following that, a majestic burst of spatial energy surged out, and the space in the sky was suddenly torn apart as a large spatial crack appeared.


After the sound of the explosion, a large number of spacial rifts suddenly shattered, and a large amount of black objects rushed out. In just a few blinks of an eye, a large gust of black wind blew out.

"What a bastard!" Chen Xiang immediately scolded, he now understood how those Tiangu beast came here. The people of Heaven Old Divine Race had let them in, and they were the ones who opened a passage for the Tiangu beast to come here.

"They're using this place as a hunting ground." Chen Cai was also very angry: "They know where a large number of Tiangu beast are and then opened a path, allowing the Tiangu beast inside to run over here!"

When the black gale blew out, a large number of Tiangu beast ran out as well. Moreover, they were blown everywhere by the gale and were already far away from here.

"Let's begin the arrangements!" An old man from the He Clan said. They only had around three thousand people under their command.

Right now, the elders of the various families were beginning to tell the crowd some things that they needed to pay attention to. They wanted the group to hunt the Tiangu beast.

They did not need the Tiangu beast's corpse, they only needed the Tiangu beast's beast hair. Chen Xiang had seen those beast hair before, and Chen Cai had also said that the beast hair contained a little less Myriad Tao Divine Soil.

"These guys are going to destroy my territory." Chen Xiang was about to explode, he had already decided that after everything here was settled, he would go to the Divine Wasteland and destroy their territory.

If they could not hunt a Tiangu beast, they would not be able to come back. Even if they did come back, they would not be able to get the antidote pill for a while, and they would be tortured by the poison for a period of time before they could get the antidote pill.

The people of He Clan and the people of Heaven Old Divine Race did not go. It could be seen that they were very afraid of death because they did not know the specific strength of the Tiangu beast right now. Therefore, when the time came, they would quietly observe from afar.

… ….

Everyone was very helpless. In order to survive, they could only face unknown dangers at this moment, where Chen Xiang and Chen Cai were also in the crowd.

"He Clan these bastards, they actually dared to scam your father. If I become stronger in the future, I will definitely make them pay with their blood." One of the elders was extremely angry, running wildly while cursing.

"We still don't know whether we'll make it back alive. The things we face this time are very strong. Didn't you see how those guys didn't dare to follow us?" A middle-aged man was very calm.

"They are watching us from afar. They probably want to use us to test the strength of that thing." said. Both he and Chen Xiang could sense that someone was following them, it was just the old man from the He Clan.

"This animal, I really want to kill them right now." A young man looked behind him and discovered that there was indeed a golden dot in the distance. It was the old man from He Clan.

His voice was so loud that even though the crowd was running around making noise, everyone could still hear him.

"He's here!" Chen Cai said in a low voice: "It must be because of that brat's scolding earlier."

As expected, with the speed of the elder from He Clan flying over, and a cold expression on his face, he walked into the crowd and locked onto the young man who had scolded him just now. Although he was far away just now, he could still hear the sounds from here.

This old man was of noble status even in the He Clan, how could he tolerate being insulted like this? It would have been fine if he hadn't heard it, but he heard it and knew it was a scolding.

"Were you scolding me just now?" The voice of the old man from He Clan was filled with cold air, his eyes swept across the crowd, the killing light caused them all to tremble, as though they could be killed at any moment.

"So what if I am scolding you? You old thing, you are inferior to an animal. Using this sort of despicable method to control us, even scolding you as an animal would give you face." The young man cursed loudly. He knew that he could no longer live on. Moreover, living like this was worse than dying. He might as well just continue scolding to his heart's content.

"Hey, since you're begging for death, I'll grant you that wish." When the He Clan saw that someone had insulted him like that in front of everyone, he was so angry that his whole body trembled.

When the young man saw his angry appearance, he immediately laughed out loud: "Old bastard, I didn't think that you would know how to be angry! However, it is also normal for beasts to get angry. If you really do not want to get angry, then you are truly inferior to beasts. "

Everyone admired his courage and inwardly cheered for him …

The He Clan old man's face suddenly became sinister, his palm started to exude purple mist: "I suddenly changed my mind, I want to make you live a life worse than death … …"

In a flash, he appeared in front of the young man, his purple hand was already slapping towards him, and just as he was about to hit the young man, Chen Xiang immediately used a teleportation to teleport the young man away.

The He Clan Elder missed, which surprised him, he did not expect the young man in front of him to be able to use teleportation.

"Good!" I want to see how long you can struggle! " When the He Clan saw that the young man was teleported to the distance, he anxiously rushed forward, but just as he was about to go over, Chen Xiang had already teleported and appeared behind him.

The old man from the He Clan was very powerful, he had cultivated the Primordial Divine Body, and had just not reached the peak yet. Although he had only reached mastery, he was still an extremely powerful existence in the Divine Wasteland, and was not someone the Venerable ancestor realm could handle.

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