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Great Danger at the State Banquet [12]

He only knew that Liu Yue’s martial arts was high and had never seen the gentle and refined Ouyang Yu Fei act before. He thought Ouyang Yu Fei was just a weak scholar and a doctor, but this Ouyang Yu Fei actually didn’t reveal his true self.

The situation instantly changed.

All the officials in the hall looked at Liu Yue, who was surrounded by pointed arrows and swords. Then they looked at Yelu Ji, who was being controlled by Ouyang Yufei.

Silence, complete silence.

With an ashen expression, Yelu Ji gritted his teeth and snorted coldly at Liu Yue, “You think that by capturing this prince, you will be able to continue being the Regent? Dream on!

This prince has already sent out his words. Today, the Chen Lan Hall has already been surrounded to the point where not even a drop of water can leak out. You all better not even think of escaping.

Hmph! Also, if I don’t send out any news after half an hour, then 100,000 soldiers from the Southern Courtyard will definitely destroy the city and come here.

Liu Yue, don’t try to use the same method that you had used to capture the Huns on me. If this prince dies, there is still this prince’s son. I am not afraid of how powerful you are.

Come! Ignore this prince and kill her for this prince,” Yelu Ji shouted with a stern voice. His face turned extremely hideous. He pressing on his luck as he threw away his face.

The arrow on the bow was pulled as it aimed at Liu Yue.

“The emperor is still there…”

“The emperor is still…”

Bei Mu’s emperor, Yelu Hong was sitting right next to Liu Yue. Being surrounded by some many arrows while he was at the center. When the officials in the hall saw this, their expressions immediately changed as they all jumped up.

Yelu Ji completely ignored it.

The entire hall instantly emanated a suffocating pressure.

There was no movement.

“Shoot! Did you hear that? Shoot for this prince…”

Still, there was no movement.

“All of you…,” His angry loud roar was still in his mouth when Yelu Ji’s eyes suddenly twisted.

In front of their eyes, the tight encirclement of people suddenly collapsed as if they were all drunk.

Just like dominoes, one after another, they fell down.

In an instant, all the people who were intoxicated fell on the ground. They lost their focus on the arrows and swords in their hand.

All the bows fell to the ground, a ‘ping-pong’ sound was heard as everything fell to the ground.

“How is this… Ah…,” As soon as he opened his mouth, his shocked expression changed. His face instantly turned blood-red and with a ‘gu dong’ sound, he fell backward.

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