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Great Danger at the State Banquet [10]

“You don’t want an outsider like me, but want to keep an outsider’s things?”

Her sharp voice scattered in the air. The officials below and the people from the royal family of Bei Mu all had unsightly expressions on their faces.

All these good things, how could they not want her to leave it behind? Not to mention, many regions of Bei Mu needs these life-saving things. If it’s all taken away by Liu Yue, then…

If they don’t allow Liu Yue to bring those things away, then what is the difference between them and the people of the Central Plains whom they despised? Once the people from the Central Plains sees a profit, they forget about morality. They would abandon their benefactor upon achieving their goal.

This shameful action isn’t characteristic of the people from the grassland.

At that moment, many of the officials who were neutral were a little hesitant and ashamed.

The night breeze was slightly cold, and the bonfire crackled even more vigorously. Wisps of green smoke rose into the air, spiraling through every corner of the Chen Lan Hall.

Yelu Ji, who was on the high platform, did not expect that Liu Yue would answer him like this. All preparation for the competition for power had been all for nothing. Now, they’re being led by the nose by Liu Yue.

At this moment, his gaze swept across the officials who were starting to hesitate. They were worrying as their thoughts turned rapidly.

With a frown, Yelu Ji’s eyes suddenly lit up and said loudly, “The reason you have so much food is all because of Bei Mu’s 500,000 soldiers. If not, how would you be able to get all these things?

Since it was Bei Mu’s force that has done its part, then those things naturally belong to Bei Mu. You only have merit for your accomplishment. By giving you a part of it already shows how benevolent our Bei Mu is. As for the rest, take a rest.”

His unreasonable words were said as if they’re justified.

At the same time, a lot of Bei Mu’s officials had frowned. If it wasn’t for Liu Yue saving Bei Mu’s emperor, as well as the fact that she was the one who had conquered the ten Ku Sha cities. If she hasn’t, how would they have the 500,000 soldiers from the ten Ku Sha cities to plunder so much grain, cattle and sheep, and gold?

How could he say such words?

The cold light swept over Yelu Ji’s face. Liu Yue suddenly smiled coldly and said, “No matter how you say it, you just want power and even more, you want money. Yelu Ji, there is no such cheap things in this world.”

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