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Great Danger at the State Banquet [9]

The moment she finished speaking, the expressions of the people in the hall turned ugly. Her words were a little…

Liu Yue smiled even more elegantly. She pushed herself up and put down the wine cup in her hand. Liu Yue looked at the Third Prince with a smile and said, “Since that’s the case, there’s nothing I can say.

Since I’m an outsider, I don’t really want to be an insider. Then, let’s just hand over the things that I, this outsider, brought for Bei Mu. I’ll take them away. Whoever wants to be the Regent, can be the Regent.”

Before she could even finish her sentence, the faces of all the ministers changed again as they looked at each other in dismay.

Ouyang Yu Fei, who had been standing behind Liu Yue, slowly took a step forward. His eyes were concealing a smile yet his facial expression didn’t betray anything as he said: “Prince of Bei Mu since we’re the one who saved it, we’re going to bring it away. If it’s one person, we can still afford to raise it.

The millions of piculs of grain, hundreds of thousands of sheep and cattle, millions of taels of gold, one million bolts of cloths, as well as the ten Ku Sha cities and the Ku Sha grassland are all brought here by us.

Since it’s all outsiders and because Bei Mu doesn’t care about outsiders, we won’t make things difficult for you. It’s a good thing we’re parting with good feelings. So let’s just take our stuff and leave.”

Saying up to this, Ouyang Yu Fei turned around and bowed to Liu Yue with a serious expression, he said, “Then I’ll go down and prepare first. Taking away these things is simple. I just need to send the mail via the pigeon to inform the 500,000 soldiers from the ten Ku Sha cities…”

“That, wait first.” Before Ouyang Yu Fei could finish his words, the Third Royal Uncle spoke hesitantly to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue didn’t stop smiling when she heard this, but her eyes became cold.

Liu Yue swept her eyes across the Third Royal Uncle. With tacit understanding, her voice was sharp as she said, “Wait? Don’t tell me that you are prepared to let an outsider like him step down but aren’t prepared to let an outsider like me take away my belongings?

I have heard that the people of the grassland are straightforward and sincere. They take responsibility for their actions. Don’t tell me that it’s all untrue?

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