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Xin Qing took off the eyepatch immediately and stared at Young Master Shen next to her as if she had seen a ghost. She said, "You... Why are you here?"

"That's because I can't bear to let Xiao Qingqing go! So I decided to go to France with you!" Young Master Shen laughed with a look that deserved a spank.

Xin Qing glared at him without saying anything. Young Master Shen saw her expression and felt it improper to tease her. So he said seriously, "I have something to handle. I've planned to go there at the end of the month. And now I can go with you."

"Really?" Xin Qing could not believe his words.

Young Master Shen nodded, "Of course!" And he twitched his mouth and said, "Otherwise, what will I do with you?"

Thinking for a while, Xin Qing agreed with Young Master Shen's words. She came to France for study, and it was boring for Young Master Shen to be with her. With the thought, Xin Qing did not feel puzzled. And the dull journey became interesting because of Young Master Shen. When they landed, expectedly a car came to pick them up.

"I have a house here. You won't regard me as a stranger and live in the hotel, will you?" Young Master Shen opened the car door and looked at her. Xin Qing had to get on the car and said, "I will go to find a house tomorrow."

Young Master Shen said with agreement, "That's right. You should solve problems before your school opens. You'd better find a place near the school."

When the car turned into a quiet street, Xin Qing suddenly felt familiar. She dug out the information of the design school from the bag and found that the address on it was exactly where they were now. Her school was located in the street corner not far ahead.

"Your house is here?" Xin Qing did not say more after asking this question, because the car had stopped in front of a white two-story building. Young Master Shen asked the driver to carry her luggage in, and then led her into the house.

"Well, I did not expect you to have this hobby." Xin Qing said to Young Master Shen with a cold smile.

The exquisite house was decorated romantically, with curtains and fabrics fully spotted with small pink flowers. The house was also furnished in a cute and decent way. Obviously, it was a woman's house.

But Young Master Shen did not look flustered, instead, he smiled and said, "Not bad! Right?" He looked around and continued. "I bought this house for chasing a girl. It has been empty since then."

"What a coincidence!"

Young Master Shen looked at her with a blank and asked, "What do you mean by coincidence?"

"Don't say that you don't know my school is in front of it." Xin Qing could not believe it was a coincidence.

Young Master Shen looked at her in surprise and said, "What? Your school is also in this street? That's great. I've planned to sell it after I finish my things. I do not live here anyway. Now here you come. You can live here. When you return to China, you can sell it for me."

"Thanks. I can find a house myself." Although Young Master Shen's words sounded true, Xin Qing thought there was still something unusual in his words.

"No?" Young Master Shen pulled her to the door and pointed to the houses around. "The environment is good. You can have a quiet place in a noisy neighborhood. There is no house like this for rent around."

Xin Qing also knew it since the information on the Internet was very comprehensive. This street was in a good environment. More importantly, CK College was located there, where a number of designers had bought houses. Maybe the neighbors were some famous designers.

"I don't have to live here. It is fine to live nearby." Xin Qing curled her lip. She just didn't want to have any relationship with the people on Ying Qingcang's side.

Young Master Shen looked at her as if looking an insane person and said, "Are you sure you want to give up such a good house and look for other streets?" He blinked. "Looked at the news! Can you read that many Chinese girls have been kidnapped, raped or killed? Especially when you're living alone."

Seeing Xin Qing about to answer him, he continued to say, "Oh, you can find a roommate to share. If you encounter a bad person and bring a wolf into the house... then..."

"I live!" Xin Qing gnashed her teeth and spat out two words. At that moment, she was pretty sure that Young Master Shen followed her to France on purpose. If so, everything was certainly arranged by Ying Qingcang. But what Young Master Shen said was irrefutably true. "For the sake of safety, I'd better live in Young Master Shen's house."

Young Master Shen said with a smile on his face, "You should go to pack up your things first, and then we go out for a meal."

In order to look for a house, Xin Qing had arrived in France half a month ahead of schedule. Then, accommodation had been settled, and Young Master Shen finally left after lingering around her for three days. Xin Qing had nothing else to do, so she decided to visit a manor hundred kilometers away. It was said that there were a number of post-modern designing works, and many top masters were willing to put their work there for exhibition. Because time was abundant, Xin Qing chose to take a train there, which would take four hours there.

The train in France was unlike that at home where it was always crowded. In the train here, only a dozen of people sat in a carriage sparsely, most of whom were old people and women. Xin Qing sat on a window seat and enjoyed the scenery outside. Suddenly, a female voice came, "Elder brother, look, this is the seat."

Xin Qing turned to look and found two young men and women. They seemed to have certain oriental origins but did not look like persons of mixed blood so obviously as Ying Qingcang did.

"Hey? Someone is seated here!" The girl saw Xin Qing sitting there and said in an apparently disappointed voice.

The man whom the girl called brother said indifferently, "Let's take another seats!"

"No, I will sit here!" The girl shook off her brother's hand and went to Xin Qing to look at her with a begging. "This lady, could you please sit opposite? This position is very important to me! Please!"

"Okay." Xin Qing stood up casually and sat on the opposite seat. The girl pulled her elder brother with delight. The man smiled at Xin Qing embarrassedly and said, "I am sorry. My sister is too childish."

Xin Qing gave back a smile and said, "Nothing serious. It makes no difference for me to sit anywhere."

"Don't you know?" The girl opposite to her said with a happy face, "When William Ames traveled around France, he sat in this position!" Seeing Xin Qing make no response, she goggled at Xin Qing and asked, "You really don't know who William Ames is, do you?"

Xin Qing shook her head because she really had never heard of him.

"He is the greatest photographer!" The girl screamed, as if it was incredible that Xin Qing did not know this person.

Xin Qing smiled embarrassedly: "I have little about photography, so I have never heard of this A... Ames."

"Mind your manner. Not everyone likes photography." The man said apologetically, "Sorry, my sister is like this. Please don't mind. Well, my name is Meyer."

"My name is Ailey!" The girl named Ailey snatched her brother's words and stared at Xin Qing. "What about you? What is your name? Are you Chinese?"

"My name is Xin Qing, I am Chinese."

Ailey reached out with joy and said, "I bet, such a beautiful oriental girl must come from China!"

"Oh! Hello." Xin Qing politely shook hands with her.

Ailey blinked at her cannily, "Guess! Do we have Chinese descent?"

"Well... " Xin Qing felt awkward to ask, but unexpectedly Ailey spoke out frankly. So Xin Qing had to ask with a tentative tone, "I guess you don't have Chinese descent. But it must be of Oriental origin."

Ailey screamed in surprise, "So smart? How did you know it?"

"I guess!" Anyway, Xin Qing could not say that it was because the Chinese had a natural instinct for the people from the island country...

Even Meyer nodded, "Right guess, our grandmother is Japanese."

"No wonder only your eyes look black. An foreigner cannot tell it." Xin Qing smiled and did not say anything more. She was not kind of person who could naturally make friend. If Zhang Mi was there, she would have engaged with them immediately.

To Xin Qing's surprise, Ailey was another Zhang Mi. From then on, Ailey did not stop talking. And from her prattle, Xin Qing soon knew that the brother and sister were born in France and pursuing advanced studies there. Xin Qing just said she came from China for study there without mentioning more about herself. Contrary to Ailey's excitement, Meyer could see Xin Qing was not accustomed to his sister's enthusiasm, so he pulled Ailey to stop her to speak any more.

But Ailey was totally unaware. When the train arrived at the station, she asked Xin Qing abruptly, "You are also going to the manor, aren't you? We, too. Let's go together!"

"What?" Xin Qing opened her mouth. She had no plan to go with others, but just did not how to turn it down since Ailey was so enthusiastic.

Seeing Xin Qing was so hesitant, Meyer also persuaded her, "How about going together? We can take care of each other as well."

"Okay." Xin Qing nodded. "Wish we have a good trip!"

Seeing Xin Qing agree so briskly, Ailey was more delighted and took her hands to get ready to get off.

"My luggage!" Xin Qing wanted to go back and take it. Ailey waved her hands and held her hands to get off, saying, "It doesn't matter. My brother can handle it!"

Meyer took all of their luggage and caught up with them quickly. Xin Qing gave him an apologetic look. Meyer smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. I am a man!"

In the S City.

"She went out to play?" Ying Qingcang listened to Ah Nan's report and frowned. "With whom?"

"She is really living a comfortable life there. As long as she can go out, she searches for pleasure immediately..."

Ah Nan answered hurriedly, "Just in the neighborhood. Miss is by herself there."

"By herself? It's too dangerous."

Seeing Ying Qingcang knitted his eyebrows more closely, Ah Nan felt struggled. "If I said she went out with others, I'm afraid, you might fly there immediately."

"Sure enough, I should let Ah Che go with her." Ying Qingcang murmured and then threw a document into Ah Nan's arms. "All right. Go out!"

He could not let people watch Xin Qing, which went against his original intention. Since she needed two years, Ying Qingcang himself should give her absolute freedom. Otherwise, how would she return to his side willingly after two years?

"Young master, there is still a thing..." Ah Nan looked at him cautiously and then said in a perturbed way, "Old master said, he would return to the UK with Miss Jasmine. And he said... said... "

Ying Qingcang cast an impatient look at him, "Say or go out!"

"Old master said you should make good preparation. Later, Miss Jasmine's family is bound to ask for an explanation." Ah Nan ran away after saying these words.

Ying Qingcang sat there and sneered. "Ask me for the explanation? Do they want me to marry that woman?"

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