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Great Danger at the State Banquet [4]

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Liu Yue’s reply to him was even more vicious.

Seeing this, Yelu Hong who was tightly holding Liu Yue, nodded. Looking at Liu Yue, he said in a serious tone, “It’s good that you don’t. Elder sister, wait for me to grow up. I want to marry older sister.”

After his crisp voice sounded, there were a short two seconds of silence.

Immediately after, Ouyang Yu Fei burst out in laughter. He pointed at Yelu Hong and laughed to the point of being speechless.

Liu Yue speechlessly frowned and said, “A child’s words.” As she spoke, she pulled Yelu Hong along with her as she headed towards the hall that is brimming with killing intent.

“Really, sister…”

“Shut up…”

His tiny voice alternated as Ouyang Yu Fei stood behind Liu Yue. He looked at Liu Yue’s face which was a mixture of helplessness and anger.

Her body no longer exuded the seriousness from before. The aura that made people feel like she was on guard was replaced with calmness and self-confidence.

Today, the killing field is filled with enemies. The killing intent and breath of the guards that are hidden in the dark night was extremely dense and there were layers upon layers of it. It is unknown just how many people are hidden here.

If Liu Yue takes one wrong step, she would lose everything. They couldn’t afford to lose, even if it was just the imposing manner that she exudes.

Ouyang Yu Fei withdrew the fake smile from his face. The corners of his mouth slowly hooked into a faintly discernable smiling expression. This kind of Liu Yue is right, he immediately followed her into Chen Lan Hall.

The lights are brilliant as the entire hall was filled with guests.

Chen Lan Hall was extremely large. The outer hall and the inner hall were completely different from the inner and outer halls of the Central Plains. In the Central Plains, the outer and inner halls are separated. In comparison, the outer and inner halls here was a completely open and grand structure that was connected to each other.

Inside the hall, the stairs undulate, with one step higher than the next, winding upwards. There were a total of three levels, just like the layout of the temple.

On both sides of the stairs, the third level of the high platform was filled with people.

Those a lower official position would sit in the outer hall. The higher one’s official position is, the closer they would sit to the inner hall. On the third floor, on the highest seat, a large chair was draped with a white tiger skin. The one sitting there would be able to see everything, having a bird’s-eye view of all the officials.

That seat belongs to the emperor of Bei Mu.


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