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To Act as the Regent Queen [13]

After listening to him, Liu Yue replied with an ‘en’ and said: “Since he has already taken over, then let him be in charge of it. Tomorrow, I will personally…”

“Regent, this isn’t proper.” Liu Yue didn’t even finish speaking when Li Kuo suddenly interjected.

Liu Yue turned to look at the frowning Li Kuo, said: “What do you mean?”

Li Kuo glanced at Liu Yue and then glanced at the people that are present in the main hall. The people that are present were Chen Lin, Ouyang Yu Fei, and Ku Za Mu. Li Kuo muttered to himself for a split second before saying: “I discovered that they have begun transferring soldiers and horses from the South courtyard and have sealed off the four corners of Sheng Jing.”

In Bei Mu, only Ku Za Mu, Li Kuo, and the South courtyard wield military powers. Prince Qin, Yelu Ji is able to mobilize the South courtyard’s soldiers because he is in charge of defending Sheng Jing.

As Liu Yue listened to this, she slowly leaned back against the dragon chair that she is sitting on.

When she accepted the title of the Regent two days ago, she felt the dissatisfaction coming from Yelu Ji. However, she didn’t expect him to make a move so quickly that she hasn’t even made any countermeasure yet.

“He wants to rebel?” Ku Za Mu suddenly wrinkled his eyebrows.

The South courtyard has mobilized troops and sealed off the four corners of Sheng Jing without the command of the emperor. This is obviously a rebellion.

Although the number of soldiers that he and Li Kuo command is more than Yelu Ji’s, their troops are stationed outside Sheng Jing and at the borders. If they try to rush the soldiers in…

“Then we aren’t going tomorrow?” The Chief of Internal Affairs immediately wrinkled his brows. 

“No, we can’t not go. Once we don’t go, everything will become disastrous.” Ouyang Yu Fei shook his head, disagreeing with him.

As Liu Yue listened to them, she nodded her head. Yelu Ji is in charge of Sheng Jing’s security. Thus, all the imperial guards are under his control. He can force her to abdicate without any difficulty.

Right now, she’s powerless. Yet he still stationed troops around the city. Yelu Ji is still hesitant because he is afraid of the consequences. But if she exposes any weakness, he’ll attack her immediately.

“Tomorrow, I will attend the banquet as usual. Ben wang[1] has countermeasures.” Liu Yue’s expression was cold and stern. With a swish, she got up and turned to leave.

When Ouyang Yu Fei saw this, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled as he followed Liu Yue out.

Ku Za Mu and Li Kuo looked at each other, their expressions were ugly.

But at this time, the sun shone brightly outside the main hall.

Great danger surround the state banquet as people transferred soldiers and horses.

[1]Ben wang: literally means ‘this prince’.

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