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To Act as the Regent Queen [7]

In the vast grassland, the night was dark.

500,000 soldiers and common people from the ten Ku Sha cities were escorting the rations to Bei Mu. On the other hand, Liu Yue and Ku Za Mu are advancing at a rapid speed towards Bei Mu’s capital, Sheng Jing.

They spent seven days and seven nights without sleep, rushing to Sheng Jing.

On the eight day, they arrived at Sheng Jing.

“Come quickly Prince of Zhong Yi, quickly…”

At Yonghe Palace, numerous people had rushed over, guiding Liu Yue while shouting that she has arrived.

Countless palace maids and servants noiselessly walked back and forth. Their face was full of worry. Numerous government officials were gathered around where Empress Dowager Xiao lived. They were anxiously running around in circles.

Everyone’s face displayed worry.

The entire Bei Mu’s imperial palace was shrouded in an invisible cloud.

“Prince of Zhong Yi, come quickly. Empress Dowager Xiao has been waiting for you. Quick.” Liu Yue practically rushed to Empress Dowager’s palace on horseback.

When the government officials heard faint galloping sounds, their eyes immediately lit up. They immediately started shouting at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue quickly dismounted the horse.

Liu Yue cannot attend to the fatigue and the sweat on her face after traveling for days without sleep or rest. She was almost like a gust of wind, flying straight into Empress Dowager Xiao’s palace.

From the expression of the government officials, it seems like Empress Dowager Xiao…

Liu Yue rushed into Empress Dowager’s Xiao living quarters. The government officials that were inside already heard that Liu Yue had arrived so they immediately made way for her when she enters.

In front of the white jade bed, Yelu Hong who is only 5 years old had cried his eyes out. He crawled in front of the bed and held onto Empress Dowager Xiao’s hand.

Empress Dowager Xiao’s face was pale. She slightly squinted her eyes, it seemed as if she’s holding onto her last breath yet refusing to go.

“Don’t cry.” Liu Yue already heard from Ku Za Mu that when Empress Dowager Xiao was attacked, she was stabbed in the heart. With just a few steps, Liu Yue rushed up to her.

Liu Yue didn’t have enough time to take care of Yelu Hong as she reached out and forced Empress Dowager Xiao to open her jaw. She quickly put a tiny black pill inside her mouth and said: “Water.”



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