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Chapter 28: Focus.

In the morning, when Chen Xiao got up and left home for school, he almost ran away.

Lean on! Originally still complacent, thinking oneself has accomplished being a gentleman, who thought, did not wash, but in the sleep of others he dry-cleaned one!

And the most unacceptable thing about it is --- depend on it! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's done, but it's so wonderful... Oh, no! Such evil things, but they are in their sleep, now think of, a little detail can not remember!

Loss! What a loss! -

At 9:30 a.m., a black Volvo stopped at the gate of Kidd College. Xu Ershao's face was tired and his left eyebrow was slightly swollen. Originally, he was also a little white face of a beautiful man, with a pair of peach blossom eyes, and most of all a hook for girls. But now the peach blossom eye is swollen into the peach eye butt, unavoidably he lost some charm.

Xu Ershao saw Chen Xiao coming from the road with a single shoulder schoolbag. He saw Chen Xiao with grave expression and scattered eyes all the way. It seemed that he was willing to give up his soul and didn't know what was on his mind. Fortunately, the road in front of Kidd College is a specially widened first-class highway. Otherwise, Xu Ershao even doubts that in Chen Xiao's absent-minded manner, he will hit the pole when walking.

When Chen Xiao came, Xu ershao called him three times in full, and then he reacted, with a helpless bitter smile on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" Xu Ershao came out of the car and looked at Chen Xiao with a smile: "You look as if you had been ravaged by Shi last night."

Chen Xiao opened his mouth and responded with a bitter smile and a middle finger. Then he noticed Xu Erxiao's peach eyes: "What's wrong with you?" Wouldn't it be a girl who picks up someone's girlfriend and gets knocked at the door?

Xu Yifan rubbed the peach eyes, but without a trace of frustration, he raised his chest: "What do you know?" Tell you, for a man, the scar on his body is like a medal! ____________ A big man, if he doesn't even have a scar on his body, is too unmanly.

But this chest, action is too fierce, involving the body injury, the pain made Xu Ershao immediately hum, even his voice trembled.

"Are you really hurt?" Chen Xiao's tone became serious and his expression became grave. "Who did it?" he murmured.

As a joke it would have been alright, Chen Xiao is very concerned about Xu Yifan, his only friend. If Xu Yifan is really beaten like this, as a brother, he can't stand idly by anyway.

"Don't worry. I was beaten... But you can't avenge me." Xu Ershao rubbed his chest and grinned bitterly. "Didn't you ask me where to skip class yesterday?" Tell you what, I worshiped a master and was superb! That's the man I paid a lot of money to bring in! Yesterday I just went to the airport to pick up the plane, settled down the teacher, and practiced a few more hands.

Say, Xu Ershao hey and laugh: "Chen Xiao, usually we are singled out, although I am not as good as you, but when you have to put me down, it is not so easy. The teacher I invited this time is a real superior! Yesterday, after practicing, I was thrown down by two people in person. That's still the mercy of his staff!"

Two faces?

Chen Xiao's heart moved --- that's when he met a superior man.

Xu Erxiao's skill Chen Xiao knows it. Although Xu Ershao was born in a rich family, he was not the kind of noble and charming boy. When he met him three years ago, his fists were already very hard. It was obvious that he often fought hard when he was young.

Over the past three years, they have become good friends and joined the karate club together. Xu Ershao has really worked hard. His current level, although not comparable to his own, but it also isn't much worse. On weekdays, three or five ordinary men are easily get beaten of.

Such an outstretched hand, was casually thrown down two faced...

"You really want to learn martial arts." Chen Xiao smiled and said, "Didn't your old man promised? He also expects his son to follow in his father's footsteps. Do you want to learn from your eldest brother?

Xu Erxiao's brother, the elder and young master of Xu's family, has been in his thirties this year. Although Xu's family is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Xu Dashao has no interest in doing business. Moreover, that young man's character is more stubborn than Xu Yifan's. His temperament is also more popular.

Do not mix up shopping malls to mix up mafia, in K city is also well-known! __________ He is also the son of a wealthy family, rich and powerful, but also mixed with the wind, sound and atmosphere, and hard, in the past, when he first came out, the Tao thought that he was a wealthy family's little white face and despised him. The result provoked Xu Dashao, the fellow raised a long knife, chased 78 people and cut three streets! Eventually, the white shirt on his body were dyed red. From then on, the road of K City had more hard roles like him. People gave him the nickname " Red Robe".

In K city, people on the road mentioned " Red Robe" these two words are also well-known!

Chen Xiao looked at Xu Erxiao with a slightly worried face - he was not prejudiced against the mafia, but after all, he did not want his best friend to follow this path.

"Rest assured." Xu Ershao strode over and hugged Chen Xiao's neck. Although he frowned with pain when lifting his arm, he still laughed loudly: "I really don't want to go into the underworld, plus I must drag you to me as a gold medal fighter - I am interested in kungfu training!" In the future, when I have finished my kungfu training, I will try my best to persuade the old man to invest $1.2 billion with our brothers'appearance and all-round efforts. We will also make movies and play with a kungfu superstar. Haha..."

Saying so, he casually dropped the car key to the security guard at the school entrance, the security guard quickly and graciously accepted it, instead of Xu Ershao parking the car himself.

"How did you change such an old car?" Chen Xiao looks at Xu Erxiao's Volvo black car, which is usually driven by mature and steady old men. Although Chen Xiao does not have a car now, his car skills two years ago were quite good.

"My BMW Z8 was used by Master and I drove it out of my house in the morning." Xu Ershao explained it casually, but then suppressed his voice and laughed, "By the way, you will introduce me to the Chinese cabbage MM in a moment. Last night I called all night to help you get things right. It's a coincidence."

"What's wrong?"

Xu Ershao replied with a Hey Hey Hey Laugh: "Didn't that Chinese cabbage MM offend a girl in a school? You say that girl seems to have had a conflict with Chinese cabbage MM just because she was in a bad mood, right?

Chen Xiao nodded his head, but then his heart moved and stared at Xu Erxiao: "Is it..."

"That girl was the one you saw at the school gate yesterday morning when I was breaking up with her." Xu Ershao opened his hand and sighed helplessly.

Chen Biao hesitated for a moment, then laughed and scolded, "Come on, the root is in you! Yesterday morning, you dumped people. They were in a bad mood. They bullied Bai MeiMei just to vent, didn't they?

[I alternated Bai meimeis name according to whose calling her to further emphasize familiarity]

"Well, that little girl is not a good thing either. She's very hypocritical." Xu Ershao pouted his lips: "But pony likes her very much, so it will get into trouble with" your" cabbage MM in order to give her a head."

"Not" my" Bai MeiMei." Chen Xiao frowned: "Don't talk about it."

"Is it not yours or mine?" Xu Ershao and Chen Xiao walked to the school side by side, but deliberately laughed, "Since you said that MM is not yours, I will do it!" When she reported, I had seen a long time ago. She looked very watery.

Chen Xiao immediately stopped, looked at Xu Yifan and sighed, "You... Still don't provoke her. She's in a bad family. It's hard to come here to study. This girl is different from the wealthy girl in school. You..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Xu Ershao pointed at Chen Xiaohao and laughed: "Look! You're in a hurry before I start! All right! Brothers are like brothers and feet, women are like clothes! If you want me not to touch her, I will not touch her!"

Without waiting for Chen Xiao's explanation, Xu Ershao has shifted the topic: "By the way, if you are free these two days, I will take you to see my Master! I'll Let you also see what is called a superior man!"

In the morning, Chen Xiao went to a management class. Unlike Chen Xiao, Xu Erxiao ran to the gym alone. He was a person who could walk sideways in school. Not only because he has a rich father, but also because his brother is a famous gangster in the city.

One of the reasons is that one of the investors in the aristocratic School of Kidd College is Xu Ershao's father. Even this land is owned by Xu Ershao's father's.

In a very popular way, Xu Ershao is the son of the school director. His brain is very clever, but he doesn't like learning very much, and his homework is sloppy. He spends most of his time in the gymnasium and girls.

Chen Xiao honestly attended class in the morning, and at noon he went to the school restaurant to eat something - using Xu Erxiao's dining card. Since Xu Ershao said that to himself, Chen Xiao also thought about it. Since we have recognized that all our lives are good brothers.

There aren't many classes today, and nothing happens until two o'clock in the afternoon. Chen Xiao is too lazy to sweat in the Gymnasium - he's so tired from working every day now. Where can he find the energy to vent in sports? Even his karate is rarely been practiced recently.

After thinking about it, he strolled to the college library.

The Library of Kidd College is bigger than that of K Municipal Library. A purely modern venue building, but also specially spent a lot of money to introduce a modern electronic management system from abroad, simply the cost of the library has billions of dollars.

Unfortunately... Such a good library lacks human resources on weekdays. After all, how many of the wealthy children are really eager to learn? These people have no worries about their lives, no pressure to go to school, a lot of their youth can be misbehaved, and few people are willing to waste their time in the dull library.

Therefore, this has always been the most secluded place in Kidd College. Three years ago, Chen Xiao came to this school. In his memory, the attendance rate in the big library has never been higher than 20%.

Originally Chen Xiao was not a poor bookworm, but there was another attraction in the school library: free computer Internet access.

I'm afraid Chen Xiao is the only one in the whole school to enjoy this benefit.

Of all the students in Kidd College, which one doesn't have a laptop? Like some wealthy children, such as Xu Ershao, it is faster to change laptops than mobile phones. Once a good new model is on the market, it is the first to buy and experience.

But Chen Xiao has no money now. He doesn't have a laptop. The row of free desktop computers in the library has become a good place for him to spend his time.

Optical fiber network, nearly top-level computer configuration, elegant and quiet environment - even the best Internet cafes in K city do not have such conditions ah!

Today, Chen Xiao walks into the library hall and is stunned.

So many people?!

On weekdays, even if a bombers can't bomb the library because it was too much of a waste to this barren place, but today's attendance rate has reached more than half! And, at first glance, 99% of them are boys!

The atmosphere is weird...

When Chen Xiao came in, he noticed that the vast majority of boys were holding a book in their hands at will, absently looking for a seat to sit down, but it was obvious that everyone's attention was totally not on the book.

Chen Xiao walked all the way and found that many boys were quietly, intentionally or unintentionally aiming at the northwest corner of the stadium as well...

On the other hand, the distribution of seating rate is basically fan-shaped around the Northwest corner. These wealthy children who never come to libraries on weekdays do not know what the devil is?

Chen Xiao was disappointed to see that his favorite seat had been occupied. But then he understood immediately!

On a long table near the window in the Northwest corner, a girl was sitting quietly. Almost all the seats around were full of people, but only the innermost long table, where only one girl sat quietly. The peeping eyes of those boys, obviously, are also focused on this girl!

Looking at the girl's appearance, Chen Xiao was stunned.

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