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"Tsk tsk. I really hate human hypocrisy." Fu Tu narrowed his eyes and looked at the human soldiers whose morale was suddenly boosted.


Every word that the Sage spoke had fallen into their ears.


Feed on people?


Ever since they had followed Shen Yanxiao, they had never eaten a mouthful of human flesh. The dark elements of the city brought them a great deal of nourishment. Unless they were insane, they would never eat people again.


All of this had long been a well-known thing in the Barren Land.


But coming from the mouth of the Sage, they became fiends who still wantonly ate human beings.


"There are many such hypocrites among human beings. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have to fight a war today." Yao Ji was wearing a tight purple light armor, and the graceful bearing of her figure did not hide her valiant and formidable look.


Human beings loathed the savagery of the demons, and demons loathed the hypocrisy of mankind.


"If they want to fight, then fight. We are not afraid of them!" Qiao Chu, who was full of warlike vigor, groaningly said.


"It's time for these stupid humans to see the results of Sir Xiu’s training. We can't lose face for Sir Xiu." Jia He rubbed his fists and wiped his palms and prepared to go all out.


"That’s right! For the Lord! For Great Sir Xiu! Everyone, kill this group of hypocrites!" With a burst of laughter, Fu Tu ordered all the demons to rush forward.


The battle between humans and demons broke out once again after hundreds of years.


Only this time, human beings would rewrite their perception of the demons!


Before the regular human army, the demons did not expose any trace of chaos, but they were even more orderly than the human soldiers!


All the demons cooperated with each other to fight the soldiers in front of them.


The middle demons relied on their hard scales and sturdy volume, stood at the vanguard and crazily struck against the enemy, throwing the soldiers of the four-nation alliance into disorder. The lower demons followed closely behind the middle demons, wantonly slaughtering the soldiers who had been hit and had flown in front of them.


The higher demons stood by at the rear. Their long-range attacks were comparable to that of human Magicians, and their attacks were all aimed at the Priests of the four-nation alliance.


Discovering the actions of the demons, the four commanders immediately had the tough Knights protect the Priests.


Without a Priest, their casualties would be even greater.


However, the demons would not give them such an opportunity. Fu Tu, with all the higher demons, rushed forward into the army of the four-nation alliance and locked their aim on the fragile Priests one by one!


The speed of the higher demons was not something these soldiers could block. Their strong and forceful attacks were able to get past the Knights and kill the Priests with a single blow!


"The coordination between these demons... How come it’s better than our soldiers’?" Shi Heng’s jaw dropped on the ground. He had never seen any demons that could cooperate so seamlessly in a large-scale battle. How could these be demons? This was simply a well-trained and powerful army!


"Were these demons trained by Shen Yanxiao?" Jiang Wan narrowed his eyes. As a general of the Long Xuan Empire, he couldn’t help but sigh at the cooperation between these demons. This kind of quality was definitely acquired through day after day of training.


However, Jiang Wan asked himself, and even he would not be able to train the demons into such a state. Not just him, he believed that above the Radiance Continent, there was no one who could train an army so perfectly!


If it were really Shen Yanxiao who had trained these demons, then Shen Yanxiao’s military attainments would definitely exceed all the generals of the Radiance Continent!


This was simply formidable!


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