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To Act as the Regent Queen [3]

He can’t wait any longer. Ku Za Mu had taken the Ferghana horse and it took him seven days to arrive here. He doesn’t know how the current situation is at Sheng Jing. Was Empress Dowager Xiao able to support it till the end?

Liu Yue’s fingers dug in her palm, she was torn.

In front of her, about 3 miles away is where Xuanyuan Che is.

Behind her, the thousand mile plain will be the place they could depend on in the future. There is also a person who has the same goal as her in the grassland, it could be said that they’re like-minded friends.

At this time, she must have an important decision that’s why she was in such a hurry to summon her back.

The pain from her palm can’t even be compared to the dilemma she is facing in her heart.

Liu Yue took in a deep breath. She suddenly lifted her hand and with a swish, she pushed the hand that Ku Za Mu had extended towards her away. Liu Yue tore a piece of her clothes and bit her index finger, quickly writing a few strokes of letters on the cloth. She turned around and threw it at Du Yi, saying: “You have to give this to him. You must personally give it to him yourself.”

When she finished, she flipped over and landed on top of the horse. Liu Yue shook the rein of the horse and said: “Jia.” The horse quickly rushed in the direction of the capital of Bei Mu, Sheng Jing.

No matter how big or small, light or serious the situation is, there is nothing she can do about it.

The night is dark and heavy.

At this time, Xuanyuan Che who has been rushing towards Liu Yue has arrived at the high slope.

The horse rushed up the high slope. The farthest Xuanyuan Che’s eyes could see is a flash of a figure.

The figure slowly disappeared into the night.

“Liu Yue…,” Xuanyuan Che screamed. When Xuanyuan Che had first seen the slowly disappearing figure, he immediately screamed.

The wind in the grassland was strong, scattering his voice so that it was barely audible.

Liu Yue felt as if someone had called her name, she turned around to look at the dark night behind her as she continued to rush towards Shen Jing.

She could only see the boundless dark night and the vast grassland, how could there be anyone there?

Liu Yue shook her head. It could be that she has been thinking too much about Xuanyuan Che that she had imagined him calling her.

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