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To Act as the Regent Queen [2]

Liu Yue’s gaze swept across the Ferghana horse under Ku Za Mu. That is Empress Dowager Xiao’s horse. This horse is one of a kind. Today, she had actually lent it to Ku Za Mu to use, which meant that this is urgent.

What happened to Bei Mu?

“Prince of Zhong Yi, receive the imperial decree.” Although Ku Za Mu was still far away, he screamed those words towards Liu Yue. Ku Za Mu was unable to hide the anxiety in his voice as his forehead was beaded with sweat.

Receive an imperial decree? Liu Yue’s heart tightened as she held firmly to the horsewhip in her hand. After she took a deep breath, she flipped over the horse and landed on the ground. Liu Yue lightly bowed.

Ku Za Mu was still far

away while he was rushing in Liu Yue’s direction. His hands shook as he took out the imperial decree and threw it towards Liu Yue. Ku Za Mu spoke in a loud voice: “By Empress Dowager Xiao’s decree, the Prince of Zhong Yi must quickly return.”

Liu Yue reached out her hand and caught the imperial edict that Ku Za Mu has thrown in midair. She quickly opened the imperial edict.

“Empress Dowager Xiao was attacked by an assassin. Her injuries are heavy and she’s close to death. You must quickly return, quickly return.” The two “quickly returns” are sufficient enough to show the urgency and seriousness of this situation.

With a swish, Liu Yue closed the imperial edict. Her expression was cold as she stared at Ku Za Mu who has just arrived in front of her. She asked: “What happened? How could Empress Dowager be attacked by an assassin?”

Ku Za Mu’s face was full of worry. Even though it’s the coldest time of the year, he is actually drenched in sweat. There’s so much sweat it seemed as if he was just fished up from the water.

After he heard Liu Yue say that, he said in rapid succession: “Prince of Zhong Yi, let’s go quickly. We’ll talk about these things on our way back. Let’s quickly go, if we’re late…”

Although he didn’t finish that sentence, his face showed an endless stream of worry. It shows that the situation regarding Empress Dowager Xiao isn’t optimistic.

Liu Yue’s grip tightened around the imperial edict in her had. She turned around to look at the dark night behind her, the direction to Ao Yun’s Deep Blue mountain pass.

Her Xuanyuan Che is there, her Xuanyuan Che is there.

She still has a lot of things she wants to tell him as wells as things she needs to explain to him.

She only needs to travel about 3 more miles, just 3 more miles.

“Prince of Zhong Yi, quickly follow me and go. Empress Dowager instructed that you must immediately return. Quickly!” Without stopping for a break, Ku Za Mu reached out his hand and pulled Liu Yue who was still standing motionless on the ground.


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