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Translator: lilcookiez

You are Fish Meat [10]

Yet what the Prime Minister doesn’t know was that even if the Crown Prince doesn’t fall for her trap, whatever Liu Yue wanted to do, Ao Yun can’t do anything about it.

As Dugu Ye listened to the words of the Prime Minister, his cold eyes didn’t even move. His fingertips gently caress and stroke the wine cup in his hand. He turned around to look at Liu Yue who was sitting beside to him.

Liu Yue was drinking the wine in her wine cup. The corners of her mouth were curved up into a smile yet she didn’t even glance at Dugu Ye.

“Crown Prince…”

“I know,” he clearly and indifferently said. Dugu Ye had cut off the words of the Prime Minister.

He knows? The Prime Minister of Ao Yun stared at him blankly. Then he suddenly came to the realization that their Crown Prince is talented and splendid. How can he not know? Then…

“I’ve been very happy these two days.” He looked at the side of Liu Yue’s face. Dugu Ye suddenly, very slowly said: “I really wish she is real. I really wish.”

He’s not stupid. The feelings that Liu Yue have towards him, he understood.

It’s merely that he was reluctant to give up this gentleness. Even if she was just wearing a facade, even if that facade only lasted two days. He still wanted to tightly hold onto it.

Then in the future, there’ll be a sweet memory that he’ll be able to recall.

One’s life is very long, but perhaps a moment could be eternal.

Dugu Ye put down his wine cup and retracted his gaze that was on Liu Yue. He raised his head and looked at the dark sky.

“I know that you hate me. I know that you hate me to the point where you wish I would die. But I’ll never regret the things I did in the past. I want you to belong to me, even if I have to use unscrupulous means.”

The cold wind blew in from the opened door of the East Palace. The golden robe slightly swayed in the cold wind. He was graceful, distant, and arrogant.

Liu Yue’s fingertips fiddled with the empty wine cup as she coldly humphed.

He wanted her to belong to him so he had used unscrupulous means to get her and break her apart from Xuanyuan Che. Even if her heart doesn’t have him, what kinds of feelings that he has for her, she doesn’t need or want.

Dugu Ye turned around and looked at Liu Yue deeply. He gently said: “Bei Mu is far away, you have to take care of yourself. The next time we meet, we’ll be enemies.” After he said that, he sighed. He slowly walked out of the palace.

His feelings of love and justice are deep. But the weight his home country is even heavier.

T/N: I cried while I wrote this chapter. This is so sad. Why must this love be so heartbreaking? 😭

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