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You are Fish Meat [4]

Liu Yue collected the smile that was on her face as her face sank. In a split second, her face changed from spring to winter. It was almost impossible for people to accept the sudden change.

Her eyes were ice-cold as she stared fixedly at the Emperor of Ao Yun who was in front of her. With hatred in her eyes, she said: “This is the attitude you use to beg people?”

Her voice was sharp and unfeeling.

The Emperor of Ao Yun stared at her blankly. When he had recovered, his complexion had ashen.

In the dark night, there was no sound.

“There was no one who had bullied me and returned.” Her voice was cold and sharp as she glanced at the ashen complexion of the Emperor of Ao Yun. She reached out her hand as she grabbed onto the clothes on the shore.

Today, it’s him who’s begging her and not the other way around.

She crossed over and the fingertips grabbed the clothes. Liu Yue’s wrist had waved and the lapel had tightly covered her body in an instant

She took a step and reached the shore.

“Dong.” At this moment, a depressed ‘dong’ sounded behind her. The ‘dong’ sound was accompanied by emotions that were repressed: “I beg you.”

The mist lingered about, the dark night was like a dream, like a fantasy.

Liu Yue slowly turned around and looked at the Emperor of Ao Yun who was kneeling on the shore. She looked at the Emperor of Ao Yun who was properly kneeling in front of her.

The Emperor of the strongest country, the all-powerful Emperor of Ao Yun would actually have this day. He actually has this day where he kneeled in front of her, Murong Liu Yue.

“Ha ha ha.” She raised her head and laughed heartily and frantically.

That day, he had actually dared to criminalize her and Xuanyuan Che then he should’ve known that sooner or later she’ll return that debt. It’s not that she didn’t return the debt sooner, it was just that the time wasn’t right.

With an embarrassed expression on his face as he bit his teeth and said: “I beg you. I beg you to leave.”

She frantically laughed. Her laughter fluttered upwards as it lingered in the air for a long time.

Liu Yue slowly looked down at the Emperor of Ao Yun who was kneeling in front of her. Her eyes flashed with deep hatred. If it wasn’t for his Ao Yun that day, then it wouldn’t be like this today.

This Ao Yun country, sooner or later it’ll be destroyed in her hands.

Today, it’ll just be collecting interest. When a rabbit is provoked into anger, it would bite someone. Cutting the weeds and eliminating the roots isn’t something that can be done today.

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