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Chapter 5: It's You (1)

All was ready.

Gu Hang had sent Qin Xiaomeng the signals and Qin Xiaomeng was buckled up and ready to move. He sneered and the smile on his lips deepened. His feet moved, slowly making his way towards Bai Qingyan.

Immediately, a black aurate car ran straight into him and all the more ready to pluck him off the road.

"Be careful!" A voice shouted.

Seeing the hit and run scene occur before her eyes, Bai Qingyan's pupils contracted sharply and her face morphed to one of great nervousness. She ran towards the middle of the street walk, but quickly retracted and stood under the lamppost.

"Bai Qingyan, go to hell!" Qin Xiaomeng's eyes fluttered and shone like a stargazer.

She seemed to have imagined marrying Gu Yezhi after Bai Qingyan's saddening death. However, much to her surprise, she saw Bai Qingyan quickly move back.

"Ah… cousin!" Qin Xiaomeng stared wide-eyed in astonishment.

She swiftly grasped tightly on the steering wheel. Her forehead was covered in cold sweat as she immediately stepped foot on the emergency brake. However, due to the sudden inertia, the car stopped abruptly and looked to have crashed into something… or someone…


Gu Hang's body flew far away…

"What just… no, cousin!" Qin Xiaomeng's mind buzzed as she roared loudly, voice cracked and broken somehow.

What just happened? Did not Gu Yezhi say that Bai Qingyan would definitely save him? Why was he so certain? Why did Bai Qingyan not save him?

More… moreover, her aunt would skin her alive for putting her cousin, Gu Yezhi, into a precarious life or death situation.

Would she make it out alive? No, she'd go straight to jail, a horror and hellish place for someone of her image and status. Jail, it did not fit her.

Qin Xiaomeng's fair skin began oozing cold sweats. Her body trembled and for a mere moment, she forgot how to think and did not know how to react.

Before the accident, Gu Hang walked confidently towards the middle of the street walk. Knowing the identity inside the black aureate car was Qin Xiaomeng, he feared nothing.

Bai Qingyan would save him.

How can a foolish woman who confessed her undying love to him and married someone else for his sake not save him?

When he came to the middle of the road, he looked on as Bai Qingyan began moving towards him. His lips smiled with success.

What a silly woman!

However, in the next moment, he saw Bai Qingyan turn back. Shocked for a short moment, he stood there in place, eyes incredulous and wide open. It seemed as if he'd been slapped in the face and his self-confidence shattered mid-way.


Rammed over by the car, Gu Hang flew and fell heavily to the ground. An immense amount of pain roamed his body and he groaned in ache and agony. Blood fell from the corner of his lips and his eyes looked dead as he looked towards the direction where Bai Qinyan stood.

He… he had made a miscalculation in error!

Bai Qingyan did not save him!

She didn't save him!

For the woman who professed her undying love unto him, she did not save him!

Gu Hang's lifeless eyes soon blurred. Slowly, little by little, his eyes shut tight.

"Cousin!" The door from the black aureate car opened instantly.

Qin Xiaomeng ran to Gu Hang anxiously when she came back to her senses. Kneeling in front of her cousin who'd lost his consciousness, her face immediately paled and lost its luster.

"Cousin… cousin… don't scare me… Ah, help! Somebody help!"

Bai Qingyan's watched on as Gu Hang flew high in the air before landing heavily on the ground and watched as he lost his consciousness as pools of blood fell from the corner of his lips.

Ah… this is unbelievable… Gu Hang… I wonder if this is the right thing to do… 

She soon recalled the scene similar to what Gu Hang had just experienced. While he flew, she too had flown; while he fell heavily on the ground, she too fell heavily on the ground; and while he was covered in pools of blood, she too blanketed the ground with red.

Bai Qingyan clenched her fist.

Seeing Qin Xiaomeng running towards Gu Hang nervously, the bitterness and regret in her heart withered and she soon drew a fierce smile.

No, Gu Hang, you deserve nothing but the best!

She thought the one who helped assist Gu Hang in disabling her leg was a professional, but it turned out to be his cousin, Qin Xiaomeng, the woman who tried with all her might to grab hold of Gu Yezhi's rapt attention.

Qin Xiaomeng had always loved Gu Yezhi, but Bai Qingyan had long occupied his heart.

Try as she might, Qin Xiaomeng would never be able to have Gu Yezhi fall for him.

She remembered how she tolerated Qin Xiaomeng's brazen attitude…

In this lifetime…

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