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You are Fish Meat [2]

Liu Yue unhurriedly said: “Emperor, I don’t understand the meaning behind your words. My feeling towards your son is sincere ah.”

Dragging out the final syllable, the wind carefreely fluttered about in the night scene. It appeared to be real yet fake at the same time.

Not waiting for the Emperor of Ao Yun to speak, Liu Yue continued on. She shook the gold arrow banner of command in her hand. She slowly said: “What Hidden Island, I’ve never heard of it.

Emperor, don’t just pick up a chicken feather and make it into an arrow banner of command to threaten and slander me. You know that I’m young. I can’t bear being startled or scared. If I’m startled or scared and something happened to me or I made a wrong decision. This…

Hey, you know that the people from the grassland are very sincere. With just one word, they would pledge their life to protect their prince. The aftermath is hard to be sure.”

Saying up to this, Liu Yue put on an act of feeling her tiny heart as well as a frightened expression. At the same time, with the wave of her hand, she threw the gold arrow banner of command like it was straw. She completely ignored everything else.

Her pretending expression almost practically made the Emperor of Ao Yun swallow Liu Yue who was leisurely putting on an act.

Her mother! She killed people like they were grass. What major scenes didn’t she, this iron blooded wangfei didn’t see? When she was just thirteen, she had burned Tian Chen’s national capital with blood. Today she came and told him that she’s young, can’t withstand being startled or scared. Her mother! Her mother! This is definitely threatening him.

He bit his iron teeth with a snapping sound. All the profanity that the Emperor of Ao Yun knew all had come down today.

The Emperor of Ao Yun inhaled a deep breath and then another. He reminded himself that he can’t touch the person in front of him, he can’t.

He rigidly bit his jaw. The Emperor of Ao Yun held back the wrath inside in his heart.

Bei Mu’s 500,000 troops and soldiers are like a tiger eyeing its prey. If his Ao Yun rashly touched their commander-in-chief, Yelu Liu Yue, then only chaos awaits his Ao Yun country.

So he doesn’t dare to touch Liu Yue or take any actions against her.

But this is not the most important point. No matter how strong Bei Mu is, they’re still in Ao Yun’s territory.

The most important point is the gold arrow banner of command.

The Hidden Island. The Hidden Island is the force that he can never offend, as well as the person he can never offend.

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