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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [10]

His voice seemed as if it couldn’t stop shaking, as if he was really frightened by something.

When the ministers and the Emperor of Ao Yun saw this, they couldn’t make a head or tail of it. Taking some mental precautions, they turned to look.

When the Emperor of Ao Yun saw it, his expression immediately changed. With a ‘hong’, he stood up. His trembling finger pointed at the thing on the table, unable to speak.

At the corner of the dragon table, a gold medal of command was placed there neatly. That gold medal of command which had many ancient histories behind it.

The gold medal of command.

“It’s them… it’s them…” Dugu Han’s eyes almost bulged out. The black pupil of his eyes showed how terrified he was.

“They… they…” The Emperor of Ao Yun stiffly turned his head. He was only able to force out a few words from his mouth, but not a sentence.

“Emperor, what is wrong?” When the Prime Minister saw this, he couldn’t help but get up and walked up. He took the gold medal of command from the corner of the table.

A common gold medal of command. Although from the surface it seemed to be quite old, the craftsmanship of the gold medal is beautiful. It should be the command medal of a monarch.

But this is Ao Yun country, what medal from which place could actually order their Ao Yun country, the most respected country in the world? Why did it seem like the Emperor and Prince of Qin had seen a ghost? They were frightened to the extent in which they couldn’t say anything.

After getting the gold medal of command, the Prime Minister of Ao Yun looked at the strip of paper that was under the gold medal of command. He reached out and opened it, giving it to the Emperor of Ao Yun.

The Emperor of Ao Yun sharply inhaled a breath. After the initial shock of seeing the gold medal of command, his expression slowly returned to normal. He rapidly read the strip of paper.

In an instant, they were only able to see the Emperor of Ao Yun’s eyes turned over and then collapsed.


“Royal brother…”

The Prime Minister and Dugu Han’s frightened expression had no color. They quickly rushed over to help support the Emperor of Ao Yun.

What is it? This strip of paper seem to had made them go through a battlefield. Even when Mt. Tai had collapsed in front of him, the Emperor of Ao Yun’s expression never changed. Yet he was so frightened by this strip of paper and actually fainted!

They quickly pulled the strip of paper from the hand of the Emperor and looked at it. The expression of the Prince of Qin, Dugu Han changed dramatically changed. His hands trembled with resentment as he said: “She, she actually is… their people… she… this woman, this woman want to bring calamity to our Ao Yun and harm our Dugu Ye ah.”

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