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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [9]

“Report, Bei Mu’s soldiers have already arrived at the Shen Lan mountain pass…”


Under the dusk of the sky, in the main hall of Ao Yun, the complexion of the Emperor of Ao Yun was practically as white as snow. With a frown, he said: “She had come but didn’t attack us. What does she want?”

“She rode to Ao Yun to steal the marriage alone. But right behind her is the troops and horses. What does she want?” The Prime Minister of Ao Yun also frowned.

This Yelu Liu Yue had led so many Bei Mu troops here, but they stopped at the border and didn’t advance any further. Did they really just came to steal the marriage?

Several of the important ministers looked at one another. Yet in the end, they all shook their head.

The Emperor of Ao Yun reached out his hand and put it on the dragon table. There was a profound expression on his face.

If they suddenly enter, with so many soldiers and troops, Bei Mu would be able to attack them while they’re unprepared. Yet this Liu Yue rode to Ao Yun by herself. Right now, she’s with Dugu Ye, their love like honey.

It seemed like she only came for Dugu Ye. It also seemed like she wants to tell the whole world how much she like Dugu Ye. She completely doesn’t make any other moves.

As long as she doesn’t make any move, give Ao Yun two days, all the arrangements would fall into place. At that time, even if Bei Mu’s 500,000 troops and horses had attacked them, his Ao Yun wouldn’t let them come and go as they please. They would definitely fight them head-on.


They couldn’t think past it.

After a moment, the Prime Minister of Ao Yun suddenly said: “Since she isn’t making a move, we won’t force them. Let them do as they wish. When we finish preparing, then we’ll just…” The Prime Minister of Ao Yun didn’t finish his words, he just gestured with his hands1.

Seeing that gesture, the eyes of the Emperor of Ao Yun flashed.

This Liu Yue is really powerful. When the Eastside doesn’t light up, the Westside would. She actually broke away from Tian Chen and now she became a prince of Bei Mu.

No matter how powerful she is, she isn’t as powerful as the Nan Song country. When there’s no danger, then they’ll just…”

After looking at one another, several of the important ministers showed a trace of an evil grin.

“Ah, Royal brother, look!” Amidst all the smiles, the Prince of Qin, Dugu Han, suddenly had a frightened expression on his face. He panic-strickenly pointed at the corner of the dragon table and loudly screamed.

1 It’s the cut-throat gesture. They’re planning to kill Bei Mu’s troops once Ao Yun has prepared their own soldiers.

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