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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [7]

“What? Yue has appeared?” Xuanyuan Che jumped up from the big gold-plated chair. His face was brimming with happiness that’s unable to put into words.

The one who had reported this information, Du Yi, slightly nodded his head. But his brows wrinkled.

“I finally have news about her. Let’s go… I’ll go pick her up…”

“Emperor, please wait.” Xuanyuan Che’s excited words weren’t even finished yet when Qiu Hen reached out to stop him.

His face showed his excitement however, he didn’t miss the expressions on subordinates’ face. Xuanyuan Che’s manner became grave as frowned for a split second. He said: “Did something happened? Say it.”

“Nothing really happened, only…” Qiu Hen hesitated for a moment. He sighed as he looked at Xuanyuan Che’s face.

Stretching out his neck is a knife, withdrawing his neck is still a knife. He still needs to say it. It’s better if he says it straightforwardly and comes clean. With a pi li pa la1, he quickly told Xuanyuan Che everything, not daring to conceal anything.

“It’s just like this.” Qiu Hen had just finished saying everything.

The room became dead silent. One could even hear the sound of a needle dropping on the floor.

Qiu Hen, Du Yi, and Yan Hu all looked at the stiff expression on Xuanyuan Che’s face and each of them lowered their heads.

She went to Ao Yun to steal a marriage? She’s in love with Dugu Ye?

They’re a perfect couple? Adding oil to honey?

Xuanyuan Che’s head burst and immediately became big2. It seemed like for a moment, there were an infinite amount of screaming sparrows inside his head.

His body swayed as he suddenly fell onto the seat behind him.

How can this be, how did his Liu Yue fell in love with Dugu Yue?

His Liu Yue and he have such deep affections with each other, why would she go to Ao Yun to steal marriage?

No, it’s absolutely not like this. There is a problem, there is definitely a problem, could it be…

“She lost… her memory?” Frowning, Xuanyuan Che forced out a few words from his mouth. Apart from this reason, he couldn’t imagine why Liu Yue would do this.

Yan Hu swallowed his saliva: “According to the rumors, she didn’t. She is very clear-headed.”

If she very clear-headed, why would she do this?

Xuanyuan Che tightly clenched his fist. Could it be that there’s a difficult to say inside story? Or maybe Liu Yue is plotting something?

1(onom.) to crackle and rattle; to pitter-patter

2“Head becomes big” is a phrase saying that that person has an headache.

T/N: The keyboard of my laptop broke. 😭 So until I get a new laptop I most likely won’t be able to translate anything. Sorry for the inconvenience. 😢😢

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