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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [6]

Ouyang Yu Fei played with the red plum in his hand. He had gone sightseeing so he didn’t come in the morning. He had only arrived when night had fallen. This person’s character really doesn’t match with an average person.

“Gongzi1, this isn’t good. She and Dugu Ye are living together. This…” Xiao Hua’s brows tightly frowned.

Although she didn’t finish saying the sentence, the meaning behind her words was clear.

“Yes… she is your fiance, being with that man…Gongzi. You can’t just watch her…” Xiao Xique’s brows also twisted together.

Originally they had thought that Liu Yue had led the troops here to fight but instead she had come here to steal someone’s marriage. Now she is actually inseparable with that Dugu Ye. It seemed like they want to tell the entire world how much they’re in love with each other.

She had completely neglected the fact that she had come to Ao Yun to loot their food.

This is simply unbearable. Does she think that their Gongzi is a decorative item ah?

Before there was Xuanyuan Che, now there’s a Dugu Ye. Where does Liu Yue put their Gongzi, who is her real fiance in her heart?

Although she doesn’t know that he’s her real fiance.

Compared to Xiao Hua and Xiao Xique’s anger, Ouyang Yu Fei was actually relaxed. After he had heard what they had said, the corners of his mouth strongly outlined a smile. He continued to play with the red plum in his hand.

“Look carefully. Comparing you guys to her, you guys are still far from her,” he said lightly.

Ouyang Yu Fei smiled as he fiddled with the red plum in his hand. He slowly strolled around the plum forest.

She is deeply in love with Xuanyuan Che. He had seen that. However, she had so quickly changed her mind. Other people might believe she had actually changed her mind, but he doesn’t.

Since he believes that she is satisfied with what she has, then it is possible that…

He slowly glances at the black sky. Liu Yue ah Liu Yue, is it that you know something?

Lovely dovey, pouring oil in the honey.

Always appeared in pairs, better than ever.

On the desk of the Emperor of Ao Yun, report after report continuously piled on his desk.

Countless news had passed spread in all directions. Even if Ao Yun wants to contain this news, they still wouldn’t be able to.

In just a few short days, the news had already spread across the entire Central Plains.

Chen country, no, it is now Tian Chen’s Yun Han Guan.

1 Gongzi = son of an official; son of nobility; your son (honorific)

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