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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [5]

Could it be that love and hate are the same as the fact that there is no eternal friend and eternal enemy? Could it be summarized as that?

Is this considered as the best example of never being satisfied with what one has?

Or could it be said that as long as your feelings are real and deep, then it’ll move the other person? Even if the other person is a stubborn rock? Even if the other person has a lover that would grow old with her?

As long as the hole is dug nicely, then there are no corners that can’t be dug.

These words flew directly in the direction of the horizon, along with the wind.

It had made Winter become impossibly lively.

In the Crown Prince of Ao Yun’s East Palace.

A cluster of plum blossoms was blooming brilliantly. The petals of the red as blood plum blossoms were scattered on the snow. It made the silver-white world seem alive and thriving.

Liu Yue wore a fiery red robe. Next to her was Dugu Ye who was clad in a white robe.

When looking at them from a distance, they almost blended in with the beautiful scenery. It was like it was a painting.

“It’s cold and your body still didn’t fully recover. Don’t freeze your body and make your injuries worse.” On her face was a brilliant smile. Liu Yue had very naturally and gently reached out and fixed the collar of Dugu Ye’s fur coat.

Dugu Ye looked down at the brilliant smile on Liu Yue’s face. He didn’t say anything, he had just slightly nodded his head.

He slowly extended his hand and pulled/fixed Liu Yue’s fur coat, in a soft and quiet voice he said: “You too.”

With a gentle smile, shoulder to shoulder, they watched the plum forest together.

The twilight sprinkled down upon them and the sunset was fiery.

“It’s late. It’s time to rest so we won’t be too tired. Tomorrow, wherever you want to go, I’ll go with you.”

“Okay ah. How about we go to the astronomical observatory?

“Okay. As long as you want.”

Their love was deep as they coincidentally laughed at the same time. They returned to the East Palace together.

Seemingly tender, her complexion was brilliant.

They noiselessly recount their tales of love.

The You GuanXing building, the Shang Jiu balcony, the Xing Yong Zhi Palace, and the Mian Hua Jie building. (These are the places they had encountered each other).

The pair of affectionate couples had succeeded in conveying their love.

The two people in the front, side by side, talked about their feelings. But behind their tender sentiments and honey thoughts, bit by bit, everything regardless of its importance was placed on the desk of the Emperor of Ao Yun.

The Emperor of Ao Yun was so angry that his brows almost became vertical.

The Empress of Ao Yun was so angry that she was about to faint.

Nan Song’s Prince of Qin was even angrier. He had returned to Ao Yun, ready to get the troops ready to fight Ao Yun.

They were a bunch of beaten head and scorched brow.

          –  lit. beaten head and scorched brow (idiom); beaten black and blue; fig. in trouble; in terrible shape; hard pressed; overwrought

Night has fallen and the plum forest has fallen asleep.

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