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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [4]

Just now they just saw someone trying to steal the marriage in the magnificent hall. Now Bei Mu had come again? Heavens! All these great matters had all assembled together and happened on the same day.

The leader of the imperial guard who had rushed here, continuously pointed at Liu Yue who was still tightly held onto by Dugu Ye. Grasping for breath, he loudly said: “Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi had come to congratulate the Crown Prince’s… marriage.”

The people in the hall were so stunned that their eyes became enormous. It had grown so wide that it was about to fall out.

Murong Liu Yue is Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi. This…this.. what is going on?

All the people’s thoughts had become messed up.

She felt the five fingers that had tightly grabbed her, tighten. Liu Yue concealed her almost invisible ridiculing smile.

With a calm expression on her face, she turned around. She looked at the pair of black and blue colored eyes that resembled the sea. She slowly said: “Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi, Yelu Liu Yue, I came here to pay an official visit.”

Boom, the Emperor of Ao Yun got a headache.

It turned out that this Yelu turned out to be that Murong. The two people are actually the same person.

Leading 500,000 Bei Mu soldiers to come here, don’t tell him that it’s all for trying to steal the marriage. She… she had come prepared.

Boom, Nan Song country’s Prince of Qin that was charging at her became stiff. Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi. This…

Dugu Ye took a long look at Liu Yue and didn’t say anything. He only grabbed Liu Yue’s arm and walked out of the hall.

At the same time, he said: “The 22nd is a good day. I want to get married to my main wife.” His cold and clear voice flutter distantly in the air. This news was another bomb.

The two had left together. They had left the confusion and shock of other people in the corner of their mind, as well as the main hall itself.

When Liu Yue saw this, she laughed. She allowed Dugu Ye take her away.

The Northwind was fierce yet the magnificent hall was silent.

Originally this was the marriage of the Crown Prince of Ao Yun, Within the winter wind, no one could make a head or tail of what had happened. But that fiery hot news, it had passed along violently with the Eastwind. It had instantly spread across ancient China.

The past Murong Liu Yue and today’s Yelu Liu Yue came from the faraway Bei Mu to steal the marriage.

Tian Chen’s Xuanyuan Che’s former lover had come to Ao Yun to steal the Crown Prince, Dugu Ye’s marriage.

This year, many fascinating things had happened.

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