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For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [3]

“Quickly go and appease him. Quickly.” When the Empress of Ao Yun saw this, she immediately quivered and awakened her senses. With the Emperor’s command, the Empress quickly got up to give chase.

He also loudly said: “Ye ‘er, go chase after her!”

Urgently running, the bride and Empress quickly ran passed Liu Yue, out of the main hall.

A few of the surrounding ministers also gave chase. Only Liu Yue and Dugu Ye who were standing in the middle of the hall didn’t move.

“Preposterous!” Prince of Qin, from Nan Song Country’s face in that split second turned ugly. His ugly face was similar to that of a Zhong Kui (a mythological figure, supposed to drive away evil spirits).

In the magnificent hall, the mood became rigid.

“Prince of Qin, don’t be angry. It’s a child’s word, just a little child’s words.” The Emperor of Ao Yun frowned. He stood up with a smile on his face and tried to appease the Prince of Qin.

On the side, he yelled at Dugu Ye: “What shameful things are you saying!”

Dugu Ye turned a deaf ear to the angry roar. In Ao Yun or in this world, as long as he wants, he can do whatever he desired. No one can go against his desire. Even if it’s his father, the Emperor of Ao Yun.

He tightly held her arm, his resolution was like steel.

Liu Yue saw everything that had happened in the hall, her expression didn’t change much. The corner of her mouth displayed a trace of an invisible ridiculing smile.

“You shameless…” Prince of Qin from the Nan Song Country swung his clenched fist towards Liu Yue. He wasn’t finished with his words of anger yet when in the distant, a series of reporting sound broke the already chaotic main hall.

“Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi congratulate…”

“Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi congratulate…”

In the middle of the chaos, the series of reporting sound passed over here. Numerous people, who looked like imperial guards, with brow beaded with sweat, rushed over. Their speed was much slower than Liu Yue’s.

The main hall was in chaos when they had heard the name, Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi, they don’t know who the Prince of ZhongYi is. But when the officials of Ao Yun heard the two words, ‘Bei Mu’, they cannot be any more familiar with those two words.

All at once, their expressions began to change again.

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