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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [12]   

The official behind the prime minister didn’t know what was wrong. He just took a quick step forward and fill up the vacant spot for the Prime Minister.

In the dense mass of officials and guests, they quietly retreated. They didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

“Bow to your parents.”

The mild red color matched with the fiery red, the two slowly bowed.

The mood of the main hall increasingly surged up.

Just as the mood had surged up, the commander of the imperial guard suddenly rushed in. Following along other people’s back, he took quick steps toward the Emperor of Ao Yun. His expression was alert and flabbergasted.

Without the command of the Emperor of Ao Yun, the chief eunuch immediately walked down.

“What is it again?” The Emperor of Ao Yun looked at Dugu Ye and the eleventh princess of Nan Song country who was bowing at him. His face showed a smile but his expression was tense.

“Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi has come to congratulate us.”

Those nine words made the originally tensed Emperor of Ao Yun become stunned. Their enemy’s commander came to congratulate them with a gift. Was there a mistake?

The surrounding ministers of Ao Yun are their own people. They would naturally know where the imperial commander should appear at this time. Although the Emperor’s face has a smile, his eyes were severe. It must be that something had happened.

Thus each and every minister/officials all had a smiling expression on their face, congratulating the groom and bride. However, their heart was speculating.

An uneasy mood slowly brewed on from the side.

“The husband and the wife may bow to each other.” The loud voice said. Once they bowed, the ceremony would be complete.

He coldly and indifferently turned around. His ice-cold eyes ignored the sweet and beautiful lady in front of him. Dugu Ye slightly bowed his head.

“What. A few months ago you had loved me to the point where you would go to war with the world. But today, you’re marrying someone else. Dugu Ye, you really hurt my heart.”

At this time, within the gorgeous main hall which was full of audience, a lazy voice sounded. Along with the sound of the confetti cannon, the Northwind flutter about, it instantly flooded the entire hall.

Dugu Ye who had just bowed, his body became stiff. With a swish, he turned his head. This voice…

Within the red space, one person walked on the white jade path, wearing a fiery red fox fur coat. The gorgeous color covered her entire body. The warm golden rays wrapped around her. It seemed like she had walked on the path of light.

This is, this is Liu Yue.

“Murong Liu Yue.”

“It’s her… it’s her.”

Ao Yun’s ministers and the guests from various countries became confused and the scene became chaotic.

T/N: Can’t wait for the drama to unfold! xD

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