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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [11]

“They had already reached our watery mountain pass. In one more day, they will reach our entire border,” the chief eunuch quickly passed on the words of the ninth city’s messenger.

“Who is the commander-in-chief?” The Emperor of Ao Yun deeply sucked in a breath said. He forced his body to stay still and suppressed his voice.

There were many other forces in the main hall, he can’t reveal any panic and anomalies.

“Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi, Yelu Liu Yue.”

“Yelu Liu Yue?” The eyes of the Emperor sank. Why is she also called Liu Yue? Listening to that name made his heart tighten.

“The wedding ceremony will begin.” The Ministry of (Confucian) Rites in Imperial China loudly said.

An expressionless Dugu Ye walked forward and stood next to the eleventh princess of Nan Song country, his future side imperial concubine. He didn’t even look at the eleventh princess of Nan Song country as he coldly reached out to take the long red silk.

He looked down at the red silk in his hand, if the person at the other end of the red silk is Liu Yue, how great would that be.

It’s a pity. It’s a pity because it’ll never happen.

His complexion is grave and stern, cold and bleak.

The people with knowledge and experience in the main hall, their eyes aren’t transparent. They could see Dugu Ye’s ice-coldness and melancholy.

But no one dares to say anything. They could only awkwardly laugh and congratulate him.

“One bow to the heaven,” the Ministry of Rites loudly said as it echoed throughout the hall.

Dugu Ye, like an ice block, he turned around.

At this time, beneath the throne on the left-handed side, the first person on the first row, Ao Yun’s prime minister, saw the change on the face of the Emperor. Although the Emperor immediately concealed his expression, the problem must’ve been big for his expression to change.

He slowly walked backward, towards the ninth city’s messenger behind him, the prime minister of Ao Yun whispered: “What happened?”

“Bei Mu has 500,000 soldiers and horses coming our way. By tomorrow, I’m afraid they’ll reach our watery mountain pass.” The ninth city’s messenger tried his best to control his ugly expression. But no matter what, he couldn’t form a smile.

“What?” The color of Ao Yun’s prime minister’s face also changed.

He quickly turned to look at the Emperor, at the same time, the Emperor also looked down to look at him. The two people quickly exchanged a glance.

When Ao Yun’s prime minister saw this, he immediately made a gesture towards the two officials next to him. While dragging the ninth city’s messenger, they all retreated.

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