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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [8]

“Crown Prince brother, it’s time to take your medicine.” Princess Qing Lian said as she held the medicine bowl. She let out a soft sigh and walked forward.

No movement, even his eyes didn’t twitch. Dugu Ye’s ice-coldness, his ten thousand years of frost is even colder than before.

His hand reached out to take the medicine from Qing Lian. He didn’t even look at it, he threw the medicine bowl back at Qing Lian. In the meantime, his eyes that were staring at the lake didn’t even blink.

That day, since he had escaped from Xuanyuan Che, he was really injured by Xuanyuan Che. After nursing for so long, he had finally gotten a lot better. However, he hasn’t fully recovered yet. He can’t help but continue to take medicine.

“Big brother, if you don’t want to marry her, then don’t. Don’t torment yourself. It makes people who are looking at you, very sad.” Qing Lian said suddenly as she caught the medicine bowl.

He kept his silence and indifference.

People had said before that the Dugu Ye in the past is arrogant and proud. He disregards all land under the heaven. No one is capable of provoking his mood.

Then, now he really had transformed into a block of ice. He had buried his state of mind and swallowed all his facial expressions.

He didn’t move or set out.

It seemed like he was a sculpture, making people cold from the very core of their heart. The people who know the inside story would have had their hearts aching for him.

Everyone in Ao Yun’s imperial palace is in a joyous mood. They are all cheerfully arranging the decorations. Only the protagonist is ice-cold as if everything has nothing to do with him.

He is only an outsider, an outsider in this matter.

Princess Qian Lian tightly clenched her fist. At that time when she had rescued Dugu Ye, she already felt his depressed will.

That’s why emperor father and empress mother had decided let him marry. They want to use this as a pretext to move his emotions.

But he had only said one a sentence. He had only said that she can’t be his main wife. He didn’t say anything else, so everyone else thought he would like her. But looking at him now, what like? He is only ignoring and unconcerned about the matter ah!

He didn’t move nor was there any change in his expression.

Dugu Ye, as before, stared at his own reflection on the lake. Seeming as if he didn’t hear Qian Lian’s words or he had completely ignored her.

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