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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yu [7]

You guys just need to work on your imposing manner, the other things don’t concern you. You just need to wait until it’s time to collect the grains.

Hearing this, Han Fei became confused, Kuo Ba Li became muddle-headed, and Tuo Bi Mu is even less able to grasp the situation.

They would have to rush across the thousand miles of grassland like their lives depend on it. Then they would just have to wait at the border to collect the grains?

Xiao Hua (Little Flower) who had followed behind Liu Yue lifted her head to look at the sky. The sky isn’t raining red rain ah, or is it Liu Yue’s brain became short-circuited?

“She didn’t probably awaken from her sleep yet.” Xiao Xique jabbered those three words.

– In Chinese character, what Xiao Xique said is three characters: 没睡醒. But when translated, it’s more than three words.

Liu Yue heard that and glanced backward. Towards Ouyang Yu Fei’s gentle smile, Liu Yue suddenly smiled brilliantly. It seemed as if hundred of flowers had bloomed.

Ouyang Yu Fei immediately returned a smile as warm as a spring wind. But his heart immediately silently began to curse. Liu Yue actually smiled like that at him, did she eat the wrong medicine?

Going as fast as possible, the 500,000 soldiers and horses rushed towards the border of Ao Yun.

The Northwind with a ‘hu hu’ blew across. The end of the year is getting closer and closer.

– hu hu: (onom.) sound of the wind or the breathing of sb who is sound asleep

At this moment in Ao Yun country, it was jubilant.

The reason is that the Crown Prince of Ao Yun country, Dugu Ye is about to be married. Even though it’s not his official wife and just a concubine, Ao Yun country is still jubilant and joyous. Their celebration was unstoppable.

Even though they didn’t invite everyone to the wedding. Many officials from the few countries that Ao Yun is close with came.

The reason is that Ao Yun’s Crown Prince Dugu Ye is getting married and that woman is Nan Song country’s eleventh princess. Although they don’t know the rank of the princess from the Nan Song country. Gu Ye didn’t give her the official wife’s status which was quite embarrassing. But Ao Yun country is the biggest country around here. Dugu Ye is one of the most outstanding talents so they couldn’t say anything about that.

Along with the end of the year, Ao Yun country is decorated with lanterns and colored banners, it bustled with noises and excitement.

In the Ao Yun palace.

A suit of white clothes came in front of the blueish green lake. Dugu Ye had no expression on at all. He just looked at his reflection in the lake coldly, slightly swaying.

The snow in the riverside pressed down on the tree branches. The ground was silver.

The white mixed in with the silver and it almost entirely blended in. It was so ice-cold, so desolated, and so bleak.

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