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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [6]

To find 500,000 soldiers and horses, this?

The civil and military officials were all shocked. What does this Liu Yue want to do?

If she really is able to find 500,000 soldiers and horses, then in Bei Mu, doesn’t that equal to rivals to the king of Bei Mu?

Empress Dowager looked profoundly at Liu Yue without panicking or being stunned. Instead, she smiled, she happily smiled: “Okay, I approve.”

“Empress Dowager…”

“Empress Dowager you can’t…”

The people in the royal court immediately opposed her decision. This is basically inciting Liu Yue to have a private army ah.

With a wave of her hand, Empress Dowager Xiao slowly said: “I believe Liu Yue will always be loyal to our Bei Mu. She definitely won’t hurt my Bei Mu.”

Her words are mild, but it contained absolute trust.

The officials beneath her (Empress Dowager Xiao) couldn’t help but wonder why the Empress Dowager and the King both trust her this much.

The corner of her mouth slowly outlined a smile. Towards Empress Dowager Xiao and the King of Bei Mu, Liu Yue slightly bowed. She very quietly said: “As long as I live, I won’t turn my back on you.”

After she said that, she turned around and with quick steps, she walked out of the royal court.

‘I won’t turn my back on you’ when Empress Dowager Xiao heard those words, her smiling expression deepened.

The Northwind flutter about, the eagle spread its wings.

One command, one word.

She just had to say one word, the ten Ku Sha cities with all the soldiers and horses of the seventeen forces spontaneously joined her army.

500,000 soldiers and horses, it didn’t even take one day and it was all ready.

They sharpened their knives to get ready to go to Ao Yun.

“City Lord, bringing only 15 days worth of food and not bringing any backup plans, isn’t this…” Han Fei, who is the general of the 500,000 soldiers and horses that Liu Yue had temporary recruited, never relaxed.

It takes about 15 days to cross from Bei Mu to Ao Yun and they only brought 15 days worth of food. They didn’t bring any ladder, trebuchet, and rockets. They wore completely light clothes to go to battle.

Coming from thousands of miles to go loot Ao Yun who has great powers, isn’t this beyond unreasonable limits?

Liu Yue still wore the fiery red robe. When she heard what he had said, she laughed. “Within ten days we must arrive at the border of Ao Yun. The remaining food will just last us five days.”

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