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"Eldest Miss, don't blame this old woman for being talkative." The old matchmaker was speaking while also holding something for her. "It is common that in the young master's house there are one or two servant girls. They are to be around His Highness. You are a married woman, already a big girl. This matter, ah, you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages."

Hearing those words, Helian Wei Wei chuckled softly. She waited for the word 'serving' from ancient times that were pleasant to hear but it held another meaning - maid concubine.

The woman who was assigned to protect her earlier seemed to carry a whiff of jealousy.

Did they truly think that Helian Wei Wei didn't know anything?

However, this old matchmaker chose to say these things at a moment like this.

Was it to make her upset?

Helian Wei Wei opened her eyes and glanced at the old woman.

Her quick glance made the matchmaker feel like her scalp grew numb. She took her hand back embarrassedly and said, "Hehe, it's not early anymore. Eldest Miss, please get on the bridal sedan chair shortly."

Helian Wei Wei stretched lazily. Her bare toes, which were dyed red with cinnabar, stepped on the wooden floor. It gave a sense of beauty that can't be expressed with words. "Matchmaker, don't follow me. I don't like to see your face."

The old nanny was frozen to the spot, her smiling face stiff. "Eldest Miss, which words did this old woman say to make you unhappy? This old woman can change. Without a matchmaker to accompany the bridal sedan chair, I'm afraid this doesn't conform to the rules."

Helian Wei Wei looked at her and smiled.

The old nanny thought that she still had a chance and wanted to say something.

But then she heard Helian Wei Wei continued speaking, "Withdraw. This is an auspicious day. I don't want to hear anyone telling me that it's against the rules."

"Yes." The guards moved in a flash.

The old matchmaker disappeared from the room.

Helian Wei Wei's expression was unchanged. With both hands stretched out, she draped the wedding dress on her body.

Bai Mei watched her walk in that indolent and casual fashion. After thinking briefly, she opened her mouth, "Princess, your Highness does not have a maid concubine."

Helian Wei Wei looked sideways and suddenly smiled, "I know."

Bai Mei was stunned, "How does the Princess know?"

"Somebody who has mysophobia won't tolerate anyone touching him as they please. Let's talk about it later." Helian Wei Wei paused, and the corners of her lips were curved, "There must be maid concubine's page boy."

Bai Mei knitted her brows. What maid concubine's page boy?

However, as a matter of fact, the empress put her elder sister to His Highness' side as a maid concubine. But...

Forget it. She's thinking too much.

"Bai Mei."

A clear and languid voice came to her ears.

Bai Mei didn't expect that Helian Wei Wei would remember her name. She looked over at Wei Wei.

She saw that person stretching out her hands, straightening the lapels of her jacket, and cocked her head to look at her. Those gestures were very dashing. "This big wedding is His Highness' and mine. If something bad happened, the one who loses face is His Highness."

Bai Mei fingers stiffened. She didn't dare to dawdle and respectfully responded with a "Yes!"

Fortunately, she thought, Hei Zhu was not here. They all misjudged this woman.

Perhaps her means were not inferior to those of His Highness...

"The auspicious time arrived!"

Outside, the jubilant sound of drums and trumpets rang out.

Wearing the red covering veil on her head, Helian Wei Wei was carried on somebody's back to the sedan chair.

Baili Jia Jue rode on a horse in front. His fingers were long and slender, his nails were translucent pink and his body was awash with an aura of elegant nobility.

More than half of the women in the street have their eyes glued to his figure.

Both admiration and envy were reflected on those spectators' eyes.

Although Helian Wei Wei was no longer a waste, she was able to marry the Third Prince with that kind of looks. How can people not be jealous?

Helian Jiao Er gritted her teeth in a silent fury. She watched such a magnificent wedding with a malicious gaze. She slipped slowly beside Helian Wei Wei's sedan chair.

In a few moments.

A marvellous scene would be staged.

Helian Jiao Er did not believe that Helian Wei Wei could still be alive after being forced to manifest the evil spirit in front of the civil and military officials!

Hehe...she really couldn't wait to see that scene.

Helian Wei Wei did not see these things at all. Her head was covered with a red silk veil. She was listening to the sound of trumpets and drums while holding a big red apple in her hand.

Getting married is a tiring affair, not to mention getting married to a prince. The rites involved were very complicated and more numerous than cow's hair.

Helian Wei Wei's body swayed. She felt like she was going to fall asleep and yawned from time to time.

Bai Mei followed the sedan chair, always paying attention to the surrounding movements.

Yuan Ming felt bored and asked, "Woman, how does getting married feel like?"

"Tiring." Helian Wei Wei could not move with the phoenix crown on her head. Her neck was crushed under its weight. She was trying to loosen her joints and relax.

Suddenly her ears caught a constant barrage of unclear words of prayer and exorcism. Both rang out simultaneously.

Helian Wei Wei knew that it's not appropriate to lift the curtain now, so she just gently lifted her eyebrows.

But Yuan Ming stood up anxiously, "This is the exorcism spell!"

"Exorcism spell?" Helian Wei Wei frowned. "What's that?"

Yuan Ming's eyes squinted. "This is a spell to let the evil spirit manifest. I can keep resisting it now, but after you come out of the sedan chair and getting close to the monks who chant the spell, I certainly won't be able to hide and swallow them all up! According to the truth, you shouldn't say this kind of incantation on the day of the big wedding. Woman, you've guessed it right, some people are beginning to doubt whether you have been possessed. They want to catch you on the day of the big wedding."

Helian Wei Wei was silent.

Standing not far away, Su Yan Mo looked at the bridal sedan chair approaching the Xuanwu Gate, and could not help but stand on tiptoe. Where was the matchmaker?

Why was she missing?

Based on the original plan, once the chants started she was supposed to lift up the curtain and help Helian Wei Wei out of the bridal sedan chair.

The absence of the matchmaker undoubtedly left a hole in the plan.

However, Su Yan Mo was not worried. That little vile spawn could not hide in the sedan chair forever. As long as she came down, even if supported by the Third Prince, she would certainly reveal its real form!

"Woman, how about we just create a havoc and completely fall to the dark side?" Yuan Ming licked his lips. Actually, these old monks still whetted his appetite.

Helian Wei Wei took the apple away and said, "If you don't eat, you won't have to think about the consequences. I don't want to turn into a demon."

"So, what do we do now, are you just running away?" Yuan Ming's voice fell.

It turned out that the chanting sound was getting even louder. This sound would undoubtedly affect his master.

Sure enough, when he looked up, beads of sweat drenched on Helian Wei Wei's forehead, but her eyes were bright.

"It's an opportunity, too." Helian Wei Wei laughingly said, "As long as they don't play a wicked trick today, they won't send people to Profound Heaven in the future. I don't have to worry that one day my identity will be discovered."

Just like Yuan Ming said, walking away was the key. She was tired and sleepy. She did not expect that those vague chanting voices could really make people feel pain. There was a sensation that her soul was about to break away from the body and made her tilt forward slightly...

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