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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [3]

“Empress Dowager, you need to think of a plan ah.”

Once the voice fell, the civil court officials and military leaders all became solemn.

In the previous year, if they didn’t have grains at this time, they would either go to Ao Yun country or Xue Sheng country to loot. They would get some rations and fodder and it could last them through a winter.

But this year, due to the patrols of the Huns and the also negotiation with the ten cities by digging the water channel, they wouldn’t have any time or energy to loot. They would also have to give out more grains than before.

Even though because of the river, the Ku Sha grassland and the ten cities of Ku Sha will flourish. But then if the problems they have right now aren’t solved, how would they be able to wait for them to prosper?

The people would all be dead from starvation.

No one could see the expression of Empress Dowager Xiao is sitting high up with a veil on her face. But her wrinkled eyebrows indicated her concern and worries.

After a moment of silence. Empress Dowager suddenly turned her head and looked at Liu Yue who was standing at the third spot in the row from the right, she said: “Prince of Zhong Yi, do you have any solutions?”

Once she said that everyone in the royal court turned to look at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue slight blinked, no food/grain? What solution can she think of?

She doesn’t know how to plant rice paddy. Although she knows that Yuan Long Ping’s hybrid rice paddy is good but she’s not an expert on researching grains ah.

Her eyes and brows quickly turn.

The grassland is overgrown, but it could be exploited. If they open pit to plant vegetation and drought resistant melons and fruits it would help. She knows that in the future there will be many things that are able to grow in this kind of environment.

However, to solve the current urgent needs, it’s not quite possible. The problem at hand needs a quick solution.

She didn’t immediately respond, she only frowned and contemplated.

The person next to her, standing in the second spot, Ku Za Mu saw this, trembling he said loudly: “If we have no food, then I will personally go steal. I don’t believe that I won’t be able to steal from Ao Yun country before the end of the year.”

If they don’t have a plan and they aren’t able to plant, then they steal. This is the style of the grassland.

Ao Yun country, Liu Yue heard these three words, her eyes suddenly brighten. The words that Ku Za Mu had said reminded her, not everything can’t be looked at using the same perspective.

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