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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [1]

Once Liu Yue heard that she couldn’t help but let her eyes shined: “Empress Dowager please tell me, I’m not familiar with that place.”

Empress Dowager Xiao slightly dusted her gown, the aura around her body became stable. She laughed a little, her eyes shooting out a trace of sharpness. She lifted her head to look at the night sky and said: “The island had been there for thousands of years. People from the royal bloodline could only intermarry from the people of the island so that the bloodline is pure.

Many years ago, the bloodline was in danger. They weren’t able to conceive and even if they did there was a problem with the baby.

Because of this, the hegemon decided that people from that island can marry people outside of the island and give birth to children.

If the child is good, then they can move to the island to be nurtured. If they aren’t then they will be left outside.

When the ordinary people of the island married, they could either decide to live on the island or outside. It’s just that once they decided, they aren’t allowed to go back.

Besides the three big families of the island, they can’t settle outside of the island. They must return to the island. After they had returned to the island, their marriage is determined by the family. They can’t disobey.

My surname is only second to the surname, Ouyang. So I can go to the outside world to play. I can marry someone and have kids. But I definitely can’t grow old with my husband.”

Saying up to this, she paused and looked at Liu Yue. She rejoiced in other people’s misfortunes as she laughed: “And you, do you know why you were originally the blade that is used against the hegemon?

That is because of the royal bloodline of Nalan. During this generation, the Nalan clan, besides your mother who had given birth to you, has no one else.”

Saying up to here, Liu Yue’s eyes and brows light up. With eyes bright and full of expression, she looked at Empress Dowager Xiao: “Then it’s only me, that means…”

“Yes, if you are gone. Then this Nalan bloodline will be gone, their roots will be destroyed as well as their thousand years of history.”

Empress Dowager Xiao laughed, her laugh is full of resentment and joy as she rejoiced in other people’s misfortunes.

No wonder they didn’t allow her to marry. That’s why did tried to kill Xuanyuan Che and to destroy Tian Chen. It’s all because only she is left. So they won’t allow outsiders to take her, only can leave her to their own people.

Haha, can’t let other people take her.

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