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133. Goodbyes

With Su Yi Cheng’s assurance, the villagers promised that if the compensation was reasonable, then they will co-operate with the demolition workers, and will not look for trouble.

After sending off the villagers, Su Yi Cheng walked over to the demolition workers. Zhou Han saw him coming over, and was the first to say, “Regarding the damages in this accident, I will be responsible for them.”

Su Yi Cheng looked at him, nodded, and only said, “Then I’ll have to trouble Director Zhou.”

He looked at the staff member behind him, and said, “There are a few things that I would like to emphasize with you guys. I do not want to see an accident like this again.”

“Yes.” Zhou Han nodded, looked at the time, and just said, “Apologies, I still have things back at the company, I’ll have to leave first.”

Su Yi Cheng nodded, doesn’t say much more. Tong Wen Hai seemed to understand the situation, looked at Su Yi Cheng and called out, “Deputy mayor Su.”

Su Yi Cheng turned to look at him, the corner of his mouth rose up. With interest, he says, “Chief Tong.”

Tong Wen Hai seemed uncomfortable by his look, and turned his head to look at the noisy police station, and said, “Every demolition has some sort of incident.”

Su Yi Cheng nodded, and stood beside him, looking in the same direction, hands behind his back, his fingers lightly bouncing. Then he started to speak, “I had just asked those villagers. Apparently they were not satisfied with the compensation money.”

Tong Wen Hai was stumped, his fingers curled up tightly. An expression of uneasiness flashed across his face, he simply said, “As always, the compensation money could never satisfy everyone. They always want more.”

“Is that so?” Su Yi Cheng turned to look at him, “If I recall, Chief Tong, you are responsible for the compensation money, correct?”

Tong Wen Hai shook slightly, very subtly, but did not escape Su Yi Cheng’s eyes.

He turned to look at Su Yi Cheng, and questioned, “What are you trying to say. Are you suspecting me of taking the compensation money?” Both of his hands clenched into a fist, his expression turned into anger, his tone was of dissatisfaction, he was very unhappy with his questioning.

Su Yi Cheng smiled, “I didn’t say anything. Chief Tong, what are you so nervous about?”

Tong Wen Hai turned his head stiffly, doesn’t look at him, and just coldly said, “I am not nervous.”

Su Yi Cheng looked at him in the eyes, faintly smiled and turned around in preparation to leave.

As Su Yi Cheng was about to leave, Secretary Zheng entered, so he asked him, “Has everything been arranged?”

Secretary Zheng nodded, and replied, “Yes, it’s ready.”

Su yi Cheng nodded, and followed out with Secretary Zheng.

But right when Su Yi Cheng was about to leave, Tong Wen Hai suddenly called out from behind, “Wait a minute.”

He turned back to look at him, Su Yi Cheng asked, “Does Chief Tong still need something?”

Tong Wen Hai stared at him for a while, and unnaturally asked, “An Ran, is An Ran alright?”

Su Yi Cheng’s face turned cold, a distant smile replaced a cold one, and just coldly said, “Whether she is alright or not has nothing to do with Chief Tong.” After speaking, he doesn’t look at him, and just departs.

Beside him, Secretary Zheng did not understand the situation, and took a curious glance at Tong Wen Hai. He nodded at him, and turned around to follow Su Yi Cheng out.

Su Yi Cheng’s complexion was not good, it seemed as if the cold expression on his face could freeze everything within a meter. When they got to the entrance, Secretary Zheng could not contain his curiosity anymore, and asked, “Mayor Su, just now you and Chief Tong---”

Secretary Zheng had not finished asking his question, but upon seeing Su Yi Cheng’s look at him, that expression was absolutely not good, it was sharp and made people cautious. Secretary Zheng felt uneasy with that look, and just awkwardly smiled and said, “No-nothing.”

Su Yi Cheng then looked away, and walked several steps, when he suddenly paused.

“What’s wrong?” Secretary Zheng was confused.

He was silent for a while, and only heard Su Yi Cheng say, “Investigate the transfer behind the demolition money. While you’re at it find out who Tong Wen Hai has been speaking to lately.”

Secretary Zheng was confused with the intention, but still nodded and replied, “Yes, I got it.”

When Su Yi Cheng made the call to An Ran, she was with Auntie Zhang learning how to make cupcakes, and told her that she will accompany him to this evening’s dinner party, to celebrate Secretary Zheng’s birthday. It’s an evening dinner, there wont’ be too much people, only some committee members and leaders were invited to his home for a simple meal, no need to dress up, and no need to give presents.

Mrs. Zhang had specifically asked Su Yi Cheng to bring An Ran over. As a matter of fact, the Zheng family and the Su family were long time family friends, the two families had known each other for over thirty years. A long time ago Secretary Zheng and Su Wen Qing were comrade in arms, only Secretary Zheng became a professional out of the army, then step by step got to today’s position.

However, the relation between the two families did not break, Qin Yi and Mrs. Zhang were best friends, sometimes they would frequently see each other, and Su Yi Cheng, the Zheng family did not have children, so they considered him as their own. Now that Su Yi Cheng suddenly got married, did not have a wedding or a dinner, and Su Yi Cheng’s work was busy, it seemed as if An Ran had been hidden away. She always wanted to see her, but never had the chance to, so she borrowed this event as an opportunity, and specifically told Su Yi Cheng to bring An Ran with him.

Even though there was no need to dress up, but when Su Yi Cheng got home she was already changed, wearing a light pink Western-style dress. The dress was nothing too unusual, but it really showed off An Ran’s gentle manner, her long hair trailed down, without decorations.

Su Yi Cheng smiled and walked over to her, then whispers into her ears, “Really pretty.”

An Ran was bashful, and lowered her head. When she looked up again she grumbled at him, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, I would have prepared a present or something. With such short notice, I haven’t had the time to buy a gift.”

Su Yi Cheng chuckled and pulled her hand towards the door, while saying, “Doesn’t matter, Secretary Zheng and Mrs. Zhang won’t mind.”

“It’s embarrassing ah, the birthday person is inviting you, we shouldn’t come empty handed. Aren’t we just freeloading.” An Ran muttered.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Zheng said so, to just bring you over.” Su Yi Cheng held her hands tightly, and stood with her in front of the elevator and waited.

An Ran frowned, she turned to ask him, “Huh? Am I the present?”

Why did it sound so weird.

“Haha.” Su Yi Cheng laughed out loud, and pulled her into the elevator.

The dinner was held at Secretary Zheng’s home. When Su Yi Cheng and An Ran arrived, there were a lot of people in the living room. Most of them were committee members and group leaders, seeing Su Yi Cheng come over, they got up to greet him. They saw An Ran standing behind him, and all said Su Yi Cheng must have a magnificent house, silently hiding away such a beautiful wife, such a treasure that he wouldn’t even bring An Ran to dinner parties. Today would be due to Secretary Zheng’s fortune, finally they could see the person.

Mrs. Zhang came into the room with fruits, seeing Su Yi Cheng’s wife, her face immediately blossomed a happy smile. She put down the fruits in her hands and pulled An Ran left and right to look at her, continually nodding.

An Ran was a little uncomfortable, and looked at Su Yi Cheng, only to see him smiling and nodding at her. She suddenly felt at ease right then, knowing that he’s here, not too far from her.

She followed Mrs. Zhang who pulled her to the side, and the two chatted for a bit.

In reality there weren’t much people tonight, all together there was only a table of people. Ling Chuan Jiang was the last to arrive, and came just in time for the meal. He turned and gave Su Yi Cheng a meaningful look, then started his meal.

Tonight’s dishes were homemade, but each one was made from the heart, each one was made personally by Mrs. Zhang, who even shooed the housekeeper away. Even though tonight was a feast, there was no alcohol on the table, mainly because Secretary Zheng had just been discharged from the hospital, and the doctor instructed, that from now on he has to stop smoking and drinking, so Mrs. Zhang immediately ordered a smoking and drinking ban at home.

An Ran sat beside Mrs. Zhang, and to the left of Su Yi Cheng. Because she knew that An Ran was pregnant, Mrs. Zhang had specially boiled chicken soup for An Ran. Everyone was happily eating and drinking, the housekeeper came running in and whispered something to Secretary Zheng. Secretary Zheng frowned, and nodded toward the housekeeper, and said, “Let him in.”

Everyone seemed to see something, and the atmosphere immediately calmed down.

Someone asked, “Secretary, what’s going on?”

Secretary Zheng shook his head, and doesn’t say anything.

An Ran turned to look at Su Yi Cheng, only seeing a faint smile directed at her. Under the table, he reached out to hold her hand.

Not a minute later, Yan Li came in, smiling as he looked at Secretary Zheng, “Lao Zheng ah, why did you not invite me to your birthday.”

Secretary Zhang looked at him, and just said, “I would not have invited you. If I did, everyone around me will have bad luck. It is enough that you watch me everyday.” Yan Li laughed out loud, and said, “I guess so, today I wish to have a drink with you, but I’m really here for trouble.” With that, he turned to look at the members of the committee.

Landing upon Su Yi Cheng, time seemed to stop. An Ran was still apprehensive, looking at Yan Li, Su Yi Cheng’s hands couldn’t help but tighten underneath the table.

Su Yi Cheng turned to look at her, and patted her hand, gave her an assuring smile.

Yan Li finally stopped his gaze at Ling Chuan Jiang, seeing him, he had a smile yet not a smile, and said, “Mayor Ling, how about it, come take a walk with me.”

Ling Chuan Jiang stared at him, not rising. A while later he says, “I don’t understand why Leader Yan has come here to find me.”

“Well it’s not good to say things here, why don’t you come take a walk with me. My people are outside waiting.” Yan Li replied coldly.

Ling Chuan Jiang looked at him silently in his seat for a while, then slowly got up and followed him out. Only when he had passed Su Yi Cheng he stopped and said, “Counting on you.”


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