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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [3]

“Good, good. Since you want to destroy indiscriminately, then we will come and try it.” Han Fei’s eyes were blood red, his tone violent and breathless.

“Who’s afraid of who, do you think…”

“Boom.” The other chiefs haven’t even spoken similar thoughts when Liu Yue’s squint both of her eyes. Her ten fingers, as fast as lightning, flies across the zither as she played.

A dozen wind blades suddenly shot out, coming straight for them in a rush.

Most of the chiefs are only heroes in the grassland, their martial arts isn’t as strong as Liu Yue’s. So they were immediately hit in the chest by the wind blades. With a ‘hong’ sound, they were blown away.

However, Liu Yue’s attacks are measured, hitting them to fly far away, but it doesn’t hurt anyone.

“Damn it! You demon girl!” The chief of the Nu Zhen clan, Kuo Bai Li said. Her violent expression is similar to that of a wild wolf in the grassland. With a roar, she jumped up and rushed towards the direction of Liu Yue.

Liu Yue doesn’t move. Just as before, she calmly held her zither and indifferently said: “If this prince wants to kill you, it’ll easy as a pie. Since you want to destroy indiscriminately, good. At worst, Bei Mu won’t want your ten cities. Anyways, this barren land where even grass won’t grow is worthless. It’s fine if I don’t have it. But a person only has one life. Today, this prince will help you with your heroic act. In the past, burying bones in yellow sandy soil only other people were happy.”

Her voice light, following the path of the wind.

The furious sixteen forces chiefs raised their eyebrows and paused.

They aren’t stupid, the meaning of what Liu Yue just said, they understood.

Acting as heroes, they are strong and courageous. However, if they die, they aren’t anything. If they decided to choose to accept this Bei Mu’s Prince of Zhong Yi, then the ten Ku Sha cities would be a mixed force. But then they won’t be able to enjoy their independent life where they are king.

With the level of martial arts of Prince of Zhong Yi, killing them would be easy.

None of them is a fool, no one will sacrifice their lives in vain.

Their figure halted at the ground, the sixteen forces chiefs contemplated. Only Bai Mu clan’s chief, Han Fei, seeming as if he became insane, dashed up to Liu Yue. His Bai Mu clan is gone, he’s not afraid.

When Ouyang Yu Fei saw that, his finger immediately shot out a button in his direction. The button hit an acupuncture point of Han Fei. Han Fei staggered as his legs became soft.


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