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Chapter 21 The Wedding

Today, Lotus would marry Black Finger. He would lose his love forever. As a man, he could do nothing except watch everything happen. He felt such fury and indignation. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but yell crazily, raising his hands to forge a heavy stream of power to cut the steel door and window with his White Cloud Knife. The door was made of fine steel, but was cut into many trails clean through. The sound frightened the guards and they ran to see what had happened. When they found the sliced trails on the door, they called for him to stop and threatened him. However, Ye was eating his bitterness of losing his love and he wanted some way to vent his anger. Those guards became the offered sacrifice to his anger. He gritted his teeth and made a Thunder Snake spell to throw out at the guards. A snake-like strength, as wide as an arm of a baby, flew out ant hit them. Before the guards could understand what this was, they were already rendered into pieces and fell over dead.

Seeing this, Ye was encouraged by the power of the spell. He released three thunder-snakes toward the door, hoping to break it. However, when those snakes reached the door, they scattered and disappeared into white lights along the door edge. Soon he understood why. These metal elements could conduct the thunder, and when the thunder-snakes met the steel, the metal dispersed them. He tossed some thunder-snakes on the wall; however, the wall was about one-meter thick and the snakes couldn’t pass through them, and only left some burning tracks on the surface.

Ye was anxious and angry, and he spit a mouthful of blood. When he thought of the truth, that Lotus would be forcibly taken by Black Finger, his heart was so hurt that he continued to use the thunder-snake to attack the wall as he shouted.

Suddenly, a strange power rushed out from his body. He could feel that something was spreading from his heart to the whole body, making him unable to move a bit. This thing soon took control of his body and merged into his inner strength. Shortly, Ye felt that he could control this strength and he released it easily. At this moment, a bunch of purple Qi ran out from his body and turned into the shape of a purple six-claw spider, which combined with his body. Ye remembered that he had this unnamed instrument in his body, and he was wild with joy. This spider was like an extension of his own body, and he could fully control it and use it. He tried to cut the door rails with two sharp claws. With a trumpeting sound, the door shaved a little.

Ye continued to use his claws to strike the door. After about ten times, the door fell open. He cried in a joyful voice and jumped out.

Meanwhile, in the Blood Gone Cave, the entire area was decorated with beautiful streamers and lights, celebrating the wedding.

In the palace of Lotus, she was wearing a beautiful set of dresses, sitting in front of a bronze mirror. Bilin was helping to comb her long hair. She tried to say something many times, but finally did not open her mouth.

Black Finger was standing outside, waiting. He laughed and asked, “Aren’t you ready? In any case, this is one of the most important thing in a woman’s life. Take your time, my honey. Let me go to check the preparations for the ceremony in the hall.” He went a few steps, thought of something, and turned back to notify her coldly, “Don’t play any trick this time. Ye is in my hand.”

Lotus didn’t say anything. When she was sure that Black Finger had left, she smiled lightly to Bilin. “Bilin, Ye is yours from today. Take care of him in the future. Now help me put on the wedding dress.”

Bilin suddenly retreated many steps, and went to the door. Lotus was surprised by her movements, and asked, “What are you doing, Bilin?”

Bilin gave her a sad smile, with her head shaking. “You can’t die, Sister Lotus. He can’t live without you. I admit I like him, but I know his heart is with you. You both are the most important people in my life. I won’t let anyone hurt you. Lotus, I will stop Black Finger, and get revenge for you. But I beg you to love him truly, as he is the one who really loves you and cares about you.” After saying this, she pushed the door open and ran out. Lotus was stunned by this change. After a while, she understood what Bilin was trying to do and she rushed to chase her. But she was stopped by the guards at the gate of the palace. Seeing the direction Bilin had disappeared, she burst into tears.

Black Finger was hanging around with Canyi and Guju following him in the hall in all decked in red. Suddenly, a guard ran up to report to him with a panicked voice. “Master, an army is coming outside, heading toward us!”

“An army?” The three were surprised by this statement. Guju asked, “How could any army come to us?”

Canyi frowned and said, “It is not good.” He asked the guard, “How many of them are there?”

“More than a thousand,” the guard replied. “They were surrounding us, studying the decoy formation we have formed."

“They went to give me trouble on my best day. I don’t care who they are, I’ll kill them all and sacrifice my ceremony with their blood. Give my order, anyone who would like to go out to fight for me, have them come here to join in.”

Guju tried to stop him. “Master, don’t rush. This is very strange. We should be careful.”

Black Finger felt unhappy with him. “Why? Are you afraid of him? Do we fear an army of only a thousand?”

Canyi smiled and advised, “Those troublemakers deserve to die. It is their fault to choose this date to attack.”

Black Finger’s order soon spread out in the whole cave, and the little monsters were so excited to give the master a good impression on this special day. Every one of them ran out yelling. Under the lead of Black Finger, they went on ahead toward the army.

When Bilin saw the monsters were rushing out excitedly with weapons, she was surprised and caught a little guard to ask the reason. Then she felt happy that heaven had also helped her. The monsters didn’t notice her existence and they hurried toward the Sharp Tower.

As Bilin was arriving at the gate, the leader of the guards saw her, and asked rudely, “Why are you coming here?”

“I . . .” Bilin was a little afraid, and she turned back several steps, and replied, “I am coming to give you the order of the master. He asked you to come with him for the army outside.”

“The order of the master?” The leader soon saw through her lie, and he took out his blad. “Girl, don’t lie to me. The guards of the Sharp Tower never leave even a step. This is a firm rule for a thousand years. Tell me, what’s your scheme?”

Bilin realized her stupid mistake. She could not even weave a good lie. Thinking of Ye and Lotus, she never feared, but lifted her head and uttered a cry. During the cry, a red fox tail appeared from the edge of her skirt, and two streams of red power ran out from the tail. One charged for the leader’s chest, and the other for the rest of the guards.

The leader was attacked by this sudden power and his chest bones were beaten into crushed powder. The other two guards were also hit and died immediately. Many were hurt badly and fell on the ground.

Bilin had not learned any martial arts. She used her natural ability and started to fight with the guards. In several minutes, she had defeated all the guards. She was so surprised that she had succeeded.

She rushed to push open the gate of the tower, and ran toward the top.

When she almost arrived at the top, a sudden loud voice came to her, and a white shadow was holding a sword pointed at her chest. “The Spirit of Guarding Sword of the Tower is here. Who dares to break in?”

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