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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [1]

Outside the pasture, is full of bows and arrows all aimed at Han Lan pasture from all directions, closely surrounding the pasture in a circle.

Those pitch-black arrowheads under the sunlight glowed with murderous aura.

In a strict and rigid formation, with bow, arrow, and shield numerous people surround the pasture. Although these people are dressed in ordinary people’s clothing, they are definitely from the military.

The seventeen forces are surrounded by Liu Yue’s people.

Ouyang Yu Fei, who is sitting at the end seat, leaned against his chair. The corner of his mouth gently outlines a trace of a smile.

The 20,000 Bei Mu soldiers who came from Bei Mu but never reappear after leaving Bei Mu were actually arranged here. It seems that everything is hidden in Liu Yue’s heart.

“Damn it.” No one knows who it was that swore but the chiefs of the seventeen different forces calmed down. Their standing body once again slowly sat down. Their austere appearance brew a trace of ruthless madness.

Previously they only receive reports that Bei Mu’s Prince of Zhong Yi only brought a few guards. So they came simple, unexpectedly they fell into her trap.

“Setting up a banquet with the aim of murdering a guest, not bad. But you bastard of Bei Mu, do you believe that just doing this is enough?” With both of hand clutching his burnt clothes, Han Fei ripped his outer clothes. He rudely wiped away the blood marks on the corner of his mouth, looking at Liu Yue’s face with a sneer.

As soon as the statement is said, the surrounding seventeen forces chiefs all sneer in unison.

So what if you prepared early. Even if she wants to deal with the seventeen forces, she is still not qualified.

The sound of the zither is as melodious as before as she calmly played the zither. However, after hearing what he had said, she actually gently laughed, “A strong dragon cannot repress a snake, this prince already had sent you out. But if you stay, then you are provoking this prince.” Her calm and unhurried voice carried in between the melodious sound of the zither.

Once the chiefs of the seventeen different forces heard this, their faces flushed. It seemed like she is determined to provoke them.

Coldly snorting, they waved their hands. Did she really think that they didn’t prepare anything when they came? What a joke, since they are able to become chiefs in this ten Ku Sha cities, becoming what they are today, they aren’t ordinary.

T/N: Liu Yue is so badass 😀

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