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To Have a Taste of your own Medicine [11]

The bonfire between the seats crackle and pulse along with the sound of the zither, flaunting off its energy.

The ten Ku Sha City’s seventeen big forces couldn’t believe that Liu Yue actually played for them. They can’t help but stare, glancing at each other.

The zither sounded graceful, very sweet and beautiful.

Even though they’re a group of vulgar people, they can still hear the gentle and calm sound of the zither. There is no fright, no fawning, and no fear from that sound.

Ou Yang Yu Fei who sat at the end seat, lightly tap the table in front of him with his fingertips. Good zither, he didn’t expect Liu Yue to play the zither that well.

To be at peace with oneself, deliberate provocation, and remaining calm and collected. Good, it’s better than what he had thought. She’s will be good doing important things.

“Today, this prince invited you all to dinner, first is to meet everyone. To know each other better and in the future the time we’re going to be together will be long.

“Second, I would like to ask you guys to give me face. In the future, this ten Ku Sha cities, belong to Bei Mu, so what Bei Mu will count.”

Amid the melodious zither sound, the flat and gentle voice which is neither urgent or slow is heard. It’s as clear and refine as water.

Liu Yue sat at the main seat. Her face maintain that lukewarm smile. She unhurriedly swept her gaze across the seventeen force’s chief.

A split second of silence, the seventeen chiefs looked at each other. Abruptly, one of them raise his head and laugh heartily. That savage laugh is full of contempt, full of arrogance.

“Give you face, who do you think you are. Humph, such a big tone of voice.”

In between the savage laughter from first force’s Han Fei, with a tilted his eyes to look at Liu Yue: “Little baby girl, what I say in this ten Ku Sha cities doesn’t count. No matter who says anything it doesn’t count. But if you the have ability, do it by yourself. If you don’t have ability, I advise you to go back and warm your bed for your husband. If you don’t have, I don’t mind if you come to me…”

“Boom.” He didn’t even finish saying those vulgar words, when the bonfire in front of Han Fei exploded. Numerous sparks flew towards him.

Like little stars, but they bear the same speed and heat as lightning.

When Han Fei saw this, he quickly rolled backwards, that action was swift. His appearance now is far better than that obscene appearance from before by innumerable amount.

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