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To Have A Taste of your own Medicine [7]

Such a large distance to jump down, the person’s power is quite amazing, he was pushed aside, crashed into the rocks in the river, seriously injured, in a deserted place. Only after a month, can he actually walk, and immediately came to find Xuan Yuan Che.

Because he know, in Tian Zhen and other countries, there are many people whom are against Liu Yue. So he didn’t dare to pass on the news to someone else, he could only personally come.

“So you’re saying someone saved Yue?” In the short sentence, he had caught the main point.

“Yes, master is absolutely fine.” Du Yi nodded his head heavily.

Slowly, he closed his eyes. Xuan Yuan Che let out a deep sigh, she’s fine, she’s fine. There is finally reliable news.

She’s fine, that’s really great, she’s fine.

His closed eyes, slightly trembling body, every bit showed Xuan Yuan Che’s excitement and comfort.

The short silence in the hall, is filled with excitement.

“Since she is alright, then no matter what price, you still have to find her. You must find her.” The mood quickly restored to it’s original calmness, Xuan Yuan Che’s eyebrows rise. It seems as if his whole body have become bright and full of energy.

“Yes.” Liu Chuan, Yan Hu, and Qiu Hen, immediately shouted in union.

“Du Yi, you come with me, the perpetrator against Yue, we must let the truth come to light.” Xuan Yuan Che waved his sleeve, his voice like steel.

Outside the window, the north wind whistled as it pass by, the snowflakes dance in the air.

Yue, as long as you are fine, then there surely will be a day where I will find you.

No matter the reason you haven’t sent me any news, I believe, if there’s any problems, I can solve it for you. I will no longer be not able to protect you.

The winter snow is cold, but his heart is like the boiling summer.

It snowed for a few days consecutively, as Liu Yue arrived at Ku Sha town’s biggest Yan Gu city, the sky cleared up. The winter sun’s rays fell on her body, making her feel very comfortable.

Handing over the letter, taking over the city.

The Hun’s ten official have quit, Bei Mu is now in control of Ku Sha city.

Everything was done in secret and is properly written down.

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