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To Have a Taste of your own Medicine [6]

Xuan Yuan Che’s eyebrows wrinkled, “Say it clearly.”

“Who is coming?” Liu Chuan also interjected.

He quickly subsided his excitement and breathing, Yan Hu quickly replied, “Du Yi, Du Yi is coming.”

Once his voice dropped, Xuan Yuan Che’s face turned pale. A gust of wind rushed towards the door. A peng sound had banged against the thick giant redwood door, the collision has smashed and shattered the door into pieces, (Xuan Yuan Che) don’t know pain, disappeared at the corridor.

“Prince, this way, this way.” Yan Hu turned around and immediately ran after Xuan Yuan Che, shouting loudly.

“Du Yi?” Liu Chuan’s eyes widen, he heard, that day, Du Yi and their princess had jumped down. At this time Du Yi has come, then…

Regardless what to say, Liu Chuan also rushed out.

Rushing past the lane, Xuan Yuan Che is as fast as lightning, leaving behind his two surprised guards.

“Peng.” One sound knocked against the lobby’s door, almost all of Xuan Yuan Che’s face is shining, his ice cold expression is filled with fiery. That kind of excitement, has not appeared in Xuan Yuan Che’s body for a long time.

In the lobby, Du Yi is sitting in the middle.

“Where is she, where is she?” He looked all around, there is not even a shadow of Liu Yue. Xuan Yuan Che with a few steps rushed forward. He tightly grabbed Du Yi’s shoulders, shaking him fiercely.

“Prince, lightly, Du Yi’s body is full of injuries. Like this, he can’t say anything.” Qiu Hen who is at the side, quickly step up and clamped on the overly excited Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che heard the words just now, he noticed the Du Yi’s breathe is very unstable under his hands. The front pieces of clothes on his body faintly revealed blood.

He took a deep breath and forced down the excitement within his body, looked at Di Yu: “What’s going on, tell me.”

Du Yi stabilized his body, without delay, his husky voice quickly replied: “Master was saved by someone. When I fell down, I saw with my own eyes that someone down at the cliff who had caught master, and pushed me away.”

That day he (Du Yi) already reached out to catch the unconscious Liu Yue, but not waiting for him to pick here up, someone below already picked her up, grabbed Liu Yue and pushed him away.

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