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To Have a Taste of your own Medicine [4]

The Huns, one hundred and thirty five years in the winter, with Ku Sha grassland and ten city fortresses, is then exchanged for the King of Huns.

With the official seal stamped, the news of this will pass onto the corners of the world, ten of the Ku Sha cities will be given to Bei Mu.

With the blue sky and white clouds.

“Ha ha ha, so the original peace talk could’ve been like this.” Within, they had moved quickly. Ku Za Mu laughed wildly as the sound of his laughter soared through the sky. As for his dark face, the dark has turned red.

In order to capture, one must let loose. To threaten the east and strike to the west (to create a diversion). In the light, Bei Mu has eaten a loss.

King of Zhong Yi, Liu Yue, is not good at this. But in fact, who have won and who have lost, they themselves know.

Running without thought, straight into the ten Ku Sha cities. Liu Yue isn’t proud, this talk about the Ku Sha ten cities is just the beginning. To teach them a little lesson, was their priority this time.

Followed closely by Ou Yang Yu Fei, he proceeded to play with the dog shaped clay, slightly smiling, he still want to see what kind of abillity Liu Yue still have.

The North wind whistled as a party of ten people headed towards ten Ku Sha city.

The Huns had exchanged Ku Sha grassland and ten of the Ku Sha cities for the King of Huns. Bei Mu’s new King of Zhong Yi, Liu Yue, these two news have grown wings, following the grassland, flying in all directions.

And just like this change in the grassland, the war within the Central Plains is also changing.

Tian Zhen borders Yong Chen, Xuan Yuan Che wears an iron black full body armor, coldly looked at the map under his hand.

“The Chen country is destroyed to it’s bone, before the fall of Zhao country’s barrier, they won’t have Ao Yun country’s support, you and I will attack on both sides. This is a good opportunity.” Xuan Yuan Che’s finger pointed at that place between Hou Jin and their Tian Zhen, in between Ao Yun, is Zhao country.

“Okay, I will immediately notify my King that Tian Zhen and Hou Jin is going to collaborate to eat Zhao country.” Hou Jin’s General Mo Sang said, his face showed a flash of excitement, quickly retreated outside.

In just three short months,he had destroyed Chen country and pointed his sword at Zhao country. Tian Zhen completely swallowed Chen country’s landscape.

In the battlefield, there is never a forever enemy nor is there a forever friend/ally. Tian Zhen and Hou Jin’s cooperation is quite good.

Within, everyone retreated, only Xuan Yuan Che is left.

His fingers on the map slowly slip across, Xuan Yuan Che’s ice cold eyes held no expressions: “Swallowed Chen country, destroy Zhao country, Central Plain’s original seven sky, the remaining five will exist side by side. Tian Zhen will no longer be inferior to Ao Yun country, Xue Sheng country a little.”

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