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To Have a Taste of your own Medicine [3]



“At least nine, or else….”

“Five, can’t…”

“Is it done yet, how much f**king longer do I have to wait?” During the intense negotiations, Liu Yue cannot endure it any longer.

Her body showed that she was irritated, Liu Yue stood up. She slapped the map in front of her, angrily said: “Just this one land, if you want to give it then sign the contract, if you don’t give it, then I will go back and make your King of Huns into a human trunk and hang it in front of Sheng Jing’s city gate, what am I afraid of?”

When the words were said, hundred of soldiers of Huns who were silent, almost went in a rampage, this is the worst insult to the Huns.

Prince Ka Cha Er’s face instantly turned green, as he was about to slam the table, the corner of his eyes swept the place that Liu Yue had slapped, his face became strange.

“Okay, one word worth nine sacred tripods (words of enormous weight), everything in this piece of land, that’s it, draw up the contract.” One slam against the table, Prince Ka Cha Er instantly feel refreshed.

The scribe (the person in charge of documents) next to him also swept his eyes to the place where Liu Yue had slapped, also felt refreshed. He then quickly wrote it down, afraid that Liu Yue would change her mind.

“King Zhong Yi, you…. you….” Relatively refreshing to the Huns, Ka Za Mu stared at Liu Yue with a stupefied expression, his whole face distorted.

“That is not the thousand mile grassland, how can you want that piece, that is a piece of burden, don’t want, no…”

“The master talking, what reason should a deputy general refute his master.” The Prince Ka Cha Er who is opposite of him, with his strict eyes, roared while facing Ku Za Mu.

“That is Ku Sha grassland, and one of the most chaotic ten city. This one city can’t even compared to the thousand miles of grassland, King Zhong Yi, you….” Ku Za Mu said in grief.

After Liu Yue finished listening to his speech, she raised her eyebrows, looked down at where she had slapped the table. Her lips slightly ** a little bit, a little bit distorted.

“The contract has already been drawn up, Bei Mu’s King Zhong Yi, please.” A ‘peng’ sound as they printed their fingers, a bright red Prince of Huns printed his fingers on both of the contracts. Prince Ka Cha Er’s movement was fast, astonishing to see.

Seeing the contracts pushed to her, Liu Yue’s face bear a song. Within Ka Za Mu’s face full of disappointment, wanting to save his face, printed Bei Mu’s print.


So the literal meaning of 王 means King, that’s why I refer to Liu Yue as King Zhong Yi. But I don’t know if she’s actually a king. 王 Can also mean Prince or Duke soooo ~  (Once I’m up to date with the novel, I will change it to the correct term).

The novel had ** so I didn’t censor anything out ^_^

Also Liu Yue never makes a losing bargain ~ You can tell Prince Ka Cha Er’s gonna regret it 😛

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