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"Master, help me!"

At the last moment, Han Mo used all his strength to let out a shout which was followed by an ear-piercing scream.


In the blood-curdling scream, a black mist spread out, engulfing his mouth, nose, eyes and finally his entire face.

His scream pierced through the reinforced concrete wall and went far away, clearly entering the surrounding people's ears.

Downstairs, people in the hotel heard the ear-piercing scream and felt chilly from their bones. They knew that Qin Hao's appearance would cause something terrifying to happen. Fortunately, they had retreated quickly and did not provoke that demon.

Qin Hao threw Han Mo onto the ground and looked at the shocked Han Ba.

Han Mo lay on the ground, unable to make any sound, but he was still twitching. Something seemed to be moving under his skin, and his skin was caving in one part by another. That was because the bones underneath his skin were being corroded. When the bones were corroded completely, the skin and flesh would be corroded, turning into black liquid. Han Ba looked at the black liquid on Han Mo's body as his eyelids twitched. This method of killing was too cruel.

Initially, Qin Hao didn't need to use the Yin Energy to kill him. It would waste his Spirit Strength. However, he was too angry, so he used this cruel method.

"You dare to kill my Zi Han Sect member?" Han Ba was trembling with rage.

"Kill your Zi Han Sect member? Hump." Qin Hao snorted coldly, "So what if I exterminate your Zi Han Sect?"

"You still dare to brag? I'll kill you right now! " With that, Han Ba attacked in rage. The strength of a Martial Cultivator at the Peak of Inner Stage was extraordinary. Without revealing anything of his actions, he had already arrived in front of Qin Hao and threw out a palm attack. However, he found that there was something wrong with this palm strike. He felt it was as light as a feather.

Bang! There was a loud sound.

The two exchanged palm strikes. Qin Hao took a few steps back while Han Ba's body flew backward and crashed into the wall with a loud thump.

"Wallwalla, Ding-dang."

The glass in the window shattered and fell to the floor.

With a plop, Han Ba's body bounced off the wall and landed on the ground. However, he quickly jumped up, and his face was filled with incomparable shock and puzzlement.

"Impossible. That's impossible!" He looked at Qin Hao in shock and muttered to himself. Even if he had only used fifty to sixty percent of the power for the palm attack just now, he was still a Martial Cultivator at the Peak of Inner Stage. A Martial Cultivator of the Beginning Stage could not stand his attack. However, Qin Hao blocked his attack, with only a few steps back, while he was sent to fly into the air and he felt as the blood in his body boiled. If he had not held it back, he would have spat out blood.

"You, just what stage are you in?" Han Ba's face turned pale and white. He stared at Qin Hao, waiting for his answer.

"It is not important. The important thing is that it is enough to kill you." Qin Hao was expressionless. Only then did Han Ba realize how terrifying the youth who had an innocent face was.

However, Han Ba had experienced great storms. He wouldn't be scared by Qin Hao's words. He forced himself to calm down and said, "Are you sure you can kill me?" He said these words to attract Qin Hao's attention. He had already glanced at Su Xue and the others who were tied up on the bed. He wanted to use these people to threaten Qin Hao.

Qin Hao's Spirit Sense had always focused on him, so he had already noticed his tiny movements.

"Don't even think about using them to threaten me. I've said it before that I hate people who threaten me the most." Qin Hao reminded him coldly.

Han Ba's heart turned cold. This person even knew his inten-tions, which was too terrifying. He was now regretting that he came on this errand. He hated those who provided information. Qin Hao was not as easy to deal with as they said. He was a terrifying man. He looked like he was at the Peak of the Beginning Stage, but in fact, he was more than that. He must have hidden his power. People who were able to hide their power were either experts that were much stronger than him or people who had cultivated some hidden strength technique. However, this kind of technique was a legend, and only people from semi-ancient martial sect had this kind of cultivation technique.

Which kind of situation was Qin Hao in? Was he an expert who was much stronger than him, or was he from semi-ancient martial sect? No matter which one he was, Han Ba could not offend him.

Perhaps, if he had thought seriously of his opponent, and placed his blade on Su Xue's neck to threaten him at the very beginning, the situation would not become that worse. Unluckily, he had underestimated his opponent, and it was too late for him to do this.

What he was more afraid of was the changes in his body. It was as if he had been poisoned, and his body was gradually weakening and softening.

How did he get poisoned?

When he saw the cigarette on the floor, he realized that it was a poisonous cigarette. Damn Han Mo, if it weren't him who brought the smoke, he wouldn't be poisoned. Even if he failed on the errand today, he could still escape, but now … It was as if he could only beg Qin Hao for mercy.

"S-senior, I, Han Ba, failed to recognize a great person and offended you. As long as you can let me go today, I will promise you anything." Han Ba lowered his posture and started begging for mercy.

Qin Hao showed disdain to this kind of person, "What can you do for me?"

"These people are all poisoned by me. If you release me, I will give them the antidotes. Otherwise, if you kill me, they will only wait for the poison to kill them and accompany me in death."

Qin Hao revealed a ridiculing smile. "Do you think I don't know anything? They're just drugged, not poisoned at all."

Now that his lie had been exposed, Han Ba's expression changed again and again. This person could see through everything. This was truly terrifying.

"Tell me, why did you kidnap them? How did you find me? If there's a lie, your end will be like his. " With that, Qin Hao looked at Han Mo who was lying on the ground and being corroded into ichor.

Han Ba gave a glance at Han Mo as well. He saw Han Mo who had mostly turned into ichor and fear appeared on his face. He hastily replied, "Yes, yes. I guarantee that there will be no lie."

Han Ba then told the whole story in details. He spent half an hour recounting it, which showed that he had said a lot.

After hearing what Han Ba said, Qin Hao revealed a grave ex-pression. He did not expect that the reason that Su Xue got kidnapped was because of him, nor did he expect that in an instant, he would become the hunting target of the ancient martial sects all over the world.

He was arrogant, but not stupid. He was not arrogant enough to think that he could contend against ancient martial sect experts. Even if these people were from pseudo-ancient martial sects, he still could not fight against them with his current strength. Unless one day he broke through to the fourth stage of Martial Cultivator, or at least until he reached the third stage of Martial Cultivator, he would be able to settle it with them. However, now, he could only avoid them.

If he were alone, he wouldn't be worried at all. However now that Su Xue was involved, he got an additional thing to care. He never thought that Su Xue would put so much affection on him. As an ordinary person, just for Qin Hao's good, Su Xue ignored everything and came out to find him. How could Qin Hao take such affections? The only thing he could do was to protect her as best he could and not let her get hurt. Anyone who harmed her, Qin Hao would kill him such as this Han Ba in front of him.

"Senior, senior, I've said everything I could say. Right now, probably many people from the ancient martial sects are living here, and they are all here for you. So, I recommend that you leave Wu Liu Town as soon as possible. " His words seemed to be a kind reminder. He wished Qin Hao to leave the room quickly, and then he would go out and call for the other ancient martial sects to kill Qin Hao together. No matter how robust Qin Hao was, he could not defeat so many people.

Qin Hao's face revealed a cold smile with ridicule, "You don't need to worry about it. Go to hell and wait for your fellow sect members in the hell."

"Senior, you!" Han Ba's face drastically changed as he cried out in surprise. At this time, Qin Hao had already arrived in front of him. Qin Hao executed Phantom Cloud Trace which was much faster than Han Ba. However, Han Ba was an expert of the Peak of Inner Stage after all. At that moment, he counterat-tacked with all his might. With a "Swoosh" sound, he pulled out a dagger from somewhere and stabbed towards Qin Hao.

If he was not poisoned, this move could have forced Qin Hao away, but it was a pity that there was no "if". Qin Hao dodged the stab easily and got all his Spirit Strength together to punch Han Ba's belly fiercely.


With a grave cry of pain, Han Ba was forced to bend backward, and his body was like a lobster. Qin Hao didn't wait for his body to fly out and bent his elbow, landing a heavy blow on Han Ba's back.

With a "plop," Han Ba fell to the ground. A fist-sized hole appeared on his back, and fresh blood gushed out of it.

"Qin Hao, you … are so ruthless!" Han Ba raised his head, spitting out blood, and his eyes were full of unwillingness and hatred.

Qin Hao's face twitched. He stepped onto Han Ba's neck. With a "crack" sound, his throat seemed to be broken. Now Han Ba had utterly lost all signs of life.

After killing Han Ba, Qin Hao bent over and groped around his chest until he found a bottle. This was the antidotes for Su Xue and others which he had already investigated with his Spirit Sense just now. Of course, with Qin Hao's current medical skills, even if he didn't use the antidote, he could still cure them. However, that would consume his Spirit Strength, so he still planned to use the antidotes.

After loosening the ropes binding them, Qin Hao picked Su Xue up and placed her on a separate bed, then gave her the anti-dote. The antidote melted in her mouth and was rather easy to feed. However, this antidote would not take effect immediately, and it would take time for the poisoned person to wake up.

Qin Hao lay Su Xue on the bed and put a blanket on her. Then, he looked at the unconscious Ye Siyu with a strange smile. As it said, what went around came around. Qin Hao never thought that she would fall into his hands so quickly in such a way. Life was wonderful.

There were three beds here, and Su Xue occupied one. Qin Hao then picked up Ye Siyu and placed her to the middle one of the three beds. Then, he took out the silver needles and inserted the needles to Ye Siyu's acupoints and pulled out. Only after working a while, did he finally put away the silver needles and gave Ye Siyu the antidote.

At last, he gave the antidotes to the other two women. Although he wasn't the Savior, since he could save people quickly, he didn't mind doing what the Savior did.

About these two women, according to what Han Ba had said, the Daoist nun was with Ye Siyu, and she seemed to be Ye Siyu's master. Han Ba did not know her name. The other woman was Han Yue, Su Xue's bodyguard and the one who had betrayed Su Xue. Qin Hao didn't want to save Han Yue.

After he fed the antidotes to them, Qin Hao dragged the two corpses on the floor into the bathroom inside. Then, he took out the mop from the bathroom and cleaned up the blood and pus on the floor, as he was afraid that Su Xue would be frightened when she waked up and saw the bloody scene later on.

After he finished cleaning up, he returned to Su Xue's bedside. He didn't see her for a while. Seeing the haggard appearance of that beautiful face, Qin Hao felt sorry in his heart.

Although she was his teacher, she wasn't that much older than him. She was only 22 years old and could be considered a little girl.

"Hmm … Hmm, Hmm…." Just when Qin Hao felt sorry, Ye Siyu made a sound, and she seemed to wake up. She was a Martial Cultivator and naturally woke up faster than the ordinary person, Su Xue. In fact, that nun was stronger than Ye Siyu. However, Han Ba knew she was powerful, so he had given even more drug to her. Thus, she had not woken up yet. The reason why Ye Siyu woke up so quickly was that he had transmitted a trace of Spirit Qi into her body.

When Ye Siyu opened her eyes, she saw Qin Hao staring at her with a sinister smile and his face full of evil intentions.

"Why is it you?" Ye Siyu was extremely shocked. She wanted to get up, but to her horror, she found that she could not move, as though her meridians were shackled. She could not use even half of her strength. Of course, this was because of what Qin Hao did.

"What, what's wrong with me?" Ye Siyu looked at Qin Hao in fear and asked.

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