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DOP Chapter 467 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (11)
Translated by: Yuki
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

"One more time." When the King of Hun smashed the jar in his hand on the ground, there was not a single drop of wine inside. Liu Yue immediately picked up the bowl of wine beside her and chugged it down.

The people beside them immediately helped to pour some wine.

Not a word was said as they communicated with their sharp gazes and drink. This bold side of Liu Yue had never even revealed before in her past life.

Ouyang Yufei saw this , his eyes filled with a rich and bright ray of light.

Since the beginning, the base camp that was filled with waving flags and shouting battle cries till now, where not a single voice could be heard, the audiences in the base camp watched Liu Yue with wide eyes, this wine was very fierce, this is something they were very clear about.

Two jar of wine, God, this was something even an older rough man will find difficult to finish drinking, this Liu Yue, this woman is …. very strong.

With the rush of the aroma of alcohol, the King of Hun finished drinking his jar in one gulp. He staggered side to side and his grip on the jar of wine loosened, making it fall and shatter into pieces on the floor. His face was flushed red, it was as red as the colour of blood.

By contrast, Liu Yue's face was only slightly red, and she raise up her empty earthen jar, indicating to the King of Hun: "Again."

"No, this King admits defeat." The King of Hun stare at the Liu Yue whose face remain unchanged, close his eyes and shakes his head: "You state the conditions of the ransom." If he continued drinking, he would be unable to maintain his consciousness.

Once these words left his mouth, the quiet Bei Mu soldiers surrounding them loudly cheered, they were extremely excited.

Liu Yue heard the words and turn her head to face Empress Dowager Xiao, with enquiring eyes.

In the rules of the grassland, the ransom amount would be decided by the party who managed to capture the hostage. At this moment, if they do not want to fight to death against the Huns, the King of Hun must be released, however, the ransom condition must be set out first.

Empress Dowager Xiao saw Liu Yue looking at her direction, and said, "I'll leave it to you."

As soon as Empress Dowager Xiao finish her sentence, the King of Hun shouted deeply, "I, the King lost to you, not to Bei Mu."

Liu Yue heard the words and knitted her brows, if it is like this, the ransom should not …

"Sister." At the moment when Liu Yue was muttering to herself, the tent screen of the base camp was lifted open, the five years old King of Bei Mu ran inside, advancing towards Liu Yue.

The audience in the base camp look at each other in dismay, their own king is calling a stranger "sister", even if the person is a benefactor, this is….

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