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Chapter 1550 - Master Long Pan!

Wang Lin looked at the giant cultivation planet as the Outer Realm cultivators knelt there, shaking. He looked calm, but the ancient devil stars in his right eye started flashing. The rejection force broke out, but he continued to suppress it, so no one noticed a thing.

While he suppressed the rejection force inside his body, Wang Lin looked at the huge cultivation planet. There was a restriction around the planet. This had to be the second gate to the Alliance Headquarters after the vortex!

This restriction was very intricate; it used the surrounding dozen planets to form a formation that created a loop. It made the planet like a cultivator and allowed it to cultivate!!

Wang Lin had never seen this before, and after seeing it his eyes lit up.

"This planet is very interesting… Master Flamespark, when you were an elder of the Alliance, did you hear anything about this planet?"

Master Flamespark was awakened from the shock from before. He became even more respectful and quickly said, "Junior has heard of some matters. This cultivation planet isn't natural but was refined by the Alliance by using many cultivation planets. Cultivating on it would take only half the effort!

"Under Master Long Pan's unknown spell, this became the second formation of the Alliance. It was said that this formation is much stronger than the vortex… However, outsiders were rarely allowed to come here, so Junior has never seen the power of the formation."

After he finished speaking, Master Flamespark seemed to remember something and said, "Master Long Pan was the head elder of the Alliance and also Master Zhong Xuan's teacher! However, he died long ago."

"Not necessarily." Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he looked at the huge planet. He could feel four auras inside. Three auras were trembling, they were very nervous.

The final aura seemed to be sleeping...

The tens of thousands of cultivators kneeling around them were trembling, their minds filled with fear. They no longer had control over their fate. It was controlled by the white-robed Lord of the Sealed Realm.


The three black dragons were also trembling while coiled up; their eyes were filled awe. Even their roars had turned into whimpers.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the giant cultivation planet. While he suppressed the rejection force inside him, he raised his right hand and reached out at the three black dragons. The three black dragons flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin waved his hand and one of the three dragons flew toward him. Wang Lin grabbed hold of the black dragon by the neck.

The black dragon was like a snail and coiled its body as it was filled with fear. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he looked at the black dragon. His eyes seemed to be able to penetrate into the black dragon and see the Joss Flame world inside. There were thousands of Joss Flame Souls inside, and they were all clearly Inner Realm cultivators… There were even a few that looked familiar.

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he mercilessly squeezed. The black dragon screamed and Wang Lin's right hand reached inside it. The thousands of Inner Realm cultivators it had devoured were taken out and allowed to enter the reincarnation cycle.

Wang Lin threw the Joss Flame black dragon at Master Flamespark.

"Do you remember that when you and I met, you said I was your fated person… I give this to you. Joss Flames are poisonous, but for you, perhaps the benefit is greater than the disadvantage. With these Joss Flames, if you have the opportunity, you may become a third step cultivator!"

Master Flamespark's body trembled and he revealed monstrous excitement. He grabbed the black dragon sealed by Wang Lin but didn't know what to say. Filled with excitement and a complicated feeling, he bowed at Wang Lin!

How could he forget when they first met? When he said they were fated, it was just a joke. He didn't expect that joke to eventually create this karma!

"The Shengong family has a child called Shengong Hu, is he still alive?" Wang Lin then looked at the Outer Realm cultivators. To him, these people were already dead.

Master Flamespark's hands trembled as he put away the black dragon. He was an old monster who had cultivated for tens of thousands of years. He suppressed the excitement and respectfully said, "Shengong Hu? Junior remembers, he is still at Allheaven."

Wang Lin revealed a hint of reminiscence. His memory of Shengong Hu reappeared in his mind. Back then, he was weaker than Shengong Hu, but Shengong Hu had decided to recognize Wang Lin as his lord. Every time Wang Lin thought about it, he would smile.

"That Shengong Hu helped me before. When you go back to Allheaven, take care of him for me…" Wang Lin waved his right hand and the second black dragon flew over. After he took out the Inner Realm cultivator souls and sealed it, he threw it Master Flamespark.

"Help me deliver this to Shengong Hu. Tell him this is my gift to him for recognizing me as his lord!"

Master Flamespark was startled for a moment and felt a hint of envy. He quickly nodded and put the second Joss Flame black dragon away.

Wang Lin's golden gaze landed on the third black dragon. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he slowly said,

"You can understand my words. Devour all the cultivators here and destroy this formation for me. I'll give you a chance to live!" The black dragon trembled and looked up. Then he turned around and let out a roar before charging at the Outer Realm cultivators.

Miserable screams echoed across the stars. Even Master Flamespark's eyes twitched when he heard these screams. Although he was an Inner Realm cultivator, watching the weak and fragile struggle of the Outer Realm cultivators before the black dragon was still shocking.

Looking at all of this while feeling satisfied, he felt an even stronger sense of respect for Wang Lin's ruthlessness.

These tens of thousands of cultivators were powerless to resist. The black dragon was filled with fear and despair. When it heard Wang Lin would give it a chance to live, it almost went crazy. In less than 15 minutes, almost none of the Outer Realm cultivators remained!

All the Outer Realm cultivators were devoured and their souls had become part of the Joss Flame realm in its body. The flesh and blood of these cultivators integrated with its body, giving the dragon a purplish glow!

The sharp thorns around its body grew out a bit more. Even the single horn on its head grew an inch.

With a roar, the black dragon also grew longer. Its body that was hundreds of thousands of feet long charged at the cultivation planet.

It was so fast that afterimages appeared. It closed in on the planet in an instant and smashed into it, causing a thunderous rumble.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The giant cultivation planet trembled, then the small planets seemed to be controlled by some force to shoot out toward the black dragon.

A thunderous rumble echoed, and as the black dragon smashed into the planet, a shockwave spread. The black dragon trembled and was knocked back far away.

The giant planet also trembled and large amounts of cracks appeared on it!

Wang Lin calmly stood there. The rejection force inside his body had been slowly suppressed as he stared at the planet. When the cracks on the planet appeared, the fourth aura that had been sleeping suddenly awakened!

When it awakened, the giant planet seemed to come to life. The smaller planets around it formed two lines and a ghostly light linked them together. They were lined on both sides of the giant planet.

A white light came from the giant planet. This white light shot into the air and then the phantom of a white-haired old man appeared.

The white-haired old man's phantom body was connected to the planet; it was as if he was the planet!

"Anyone who offends the Alliance will be destroyed!" An ancient voice came from the soul inside the old man. This voice entered Wang Lin's soul and Master Flamespark's body.

When Master Flamespark saw the white-haired old man, his eyes widened and he exclaimed, "Master Long Pan!!!" 

From far away, the Cultivation Alliance Headquarters looked extremely shocking. The huge planet was like a body without legs, and the two lines of planets were like its arms!

As for the old man connected to the planet, he was like the head of this body!

What kind of cultivation planet was this? It was clearly a person!

"What great courage! He actually fused his origin soul and soul with the cultivation planet. In a way, he was able to gain immortality!" Wang Lin had long noticed that something was wrong with the planet. That's why he had allowed the black dragon attack, and at this moment, he finally understood everything!

Master Zhong Xuan's teacher, Master Long Pan, must have reached the end of his life when he thought of this shocking idea. He also was able to perfect this idea and make it come true!

No old monster should be underestimated. Anyone who could come up with such a method would be extremely smart. Wang Lin looked at the old man. Although they were enemies, he still felt admiration in his heart.

Master Flamespark looked at all of this. He was very intelligent, and after pondering for a moment, he gasped.

"I only met Master Long Pan once. I thought he had already died. I didn't expect… I didn't expect this!!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he pointed forward. The black dragon that was knocked back began to struggle and let out a roar. It frantically rushed forward with its huge body and roared at the cultivation planet!

Its roar continued, and when it closed in, it opened its mouth. Its Joss Flame realm opened up and a large amount of Joss Flame Souls flew toward the cultivation planet!

However, just at this instant, a shocking changed occured! A mournful and frantic roar came from the cultivation planet. This roar was filled with madness and a indescribable killing intent!

Only those who had slaughtered many in their life could have this killing intent. This killing intent was clearly the slaughter essence!!

Wang Lin was familiar with this roar. The moment it appeared, Wang Lin's expression changed for the first time. A burst of excitement appeared!

"Senior Brother Qing Shui!"

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