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DOP Chapter 465 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (9)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The base camp was lit up with fire, bright light a carnival.

They had not had such a big victory in many years, it was a cause for celebration.

The bonfire shone brightly in the dead of the night, almost illuminating the whole mountain and plains. Inside the most majestic-looking tent, there was a gathering of all the high officials and generals of Bei Mu Kingdom who had come this time.

"Hahaha, what a skilled young lady! Come, I, Ku Za Mu, would like to toast to this lady hero. This time, we are all saved thanks to you." Empress Dowager Xiao's number one general, Ku Za Mu who possessed a dark-coloured face, laughed out as he raised his bowl of wine towards Liu Yue, who was sitting beside Empress Dowager Xiao, and announced loudly.

Liu Yue raised her bowl of wine too and laughed out, "What do you mean lady hero. You can just call me Liu Yue."

"Great, bottoms up." Ku Za Mu gave Liu Yue a thumbs up and emptied his bowl of wine in one go. That bowl of wine was extremely big, so big that there was probably half a litre of wine inside.

Liu Yue also followed suit and finished her wine. There was not a single drop of wine when she flipped the bowl.

"Great…" The crowd of people inside the tent praised out loud.

Their Shaodaozi was extremely strong and potent. It was amazing that this delicate-looking doll could actually down the whole bowl without a change in expression at all.
(Shiro: Shaodaozi is like the ancient chinese type of liquor, like vodka/gin, there's no english translation equivalent so I can only name it as such. Literally, it means ‘burning knife’)

"We have missed out the ambush during this inspection tour. Fortunately Liu Yue is here. I shall thank you from my deepest heart on behalf of the hundred thousands of Bei Mu citizens. Here."

The square-faced, mighty looking prince of Bei Mu, Ye Lu Ji, spoke out to Liu Yue loudly.

"It was just a coincidence. There is no need to thank me." Liu Yue raised the big bowl of wine wholeheartedly and gulped the liquor down after giving a toast to Ye Lu Ji.

"To you, it may just be a coincidence. However, for us, you are our life saviours. Haha, I really like you. Come, let's drink some more." The second general of Bei Mu, Li Kuo, laughed out loud as he joined in.

The tribesmen of the grass plains were frank and straightforward. When they like someone, they would drink with that person. They wouldn't rest until they were completely drunk. That was their way of showing their respect, that they were good brothers.

Bowls emptied and wines poured. Liu Yue felt a kind of refreshed feeling that she never felt before surging up inside the tent, like a tidal wave.

Everyone tried their best to squeeze in to give a toast to Liu Yue, it was extremely lively.

At one corner, Ouyang Yufei who was leisurely roasting a lamb watched the whole scene. His eyes moved slightly as the lustrous knife he was playing with in his hand glinted.

This Shaodaozi liquor was extremely potent. Let's see what will happen in the end if Liu Yue continued to drink like that.

"Ugh, so strong." Seeing Liu Yue drinking so wholeheartedly, the Little Magpie also downed its bowl of liquor. Its face immediately turned red as it spit out its tongue to get rid of the strong liquor in its mouth.

Shiro: I confess I have not read DOP since chapter 200 something. Can anyone enlighten me on this little magpie? Is it an it, he or she? Is it like a real magpie? It can speak?

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