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DOP Chapter 464 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (8)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shioryukineko

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The woman who was like a red fire walked across thousands of army soldiers, under their shocked gazes.

The previously grieved and indignant Bei Mu troops cheered joyfully one by one as they saw Liu Yue walking back towards their flank, seizing the King of Hun in her arms.

There was no need for Dowager Empress Xiao to order them at all, the Bei Mu Generals had immediately rushed forward and welcomed Liu Yue and the King of Bei Mu.

In an instant, the Hun Army which had the upperhand previously, had the situation turned against them completely. They had become the prisoner instead.

"King of Hun, please accompany me for a while." The Dowager Empress Xiao who wore a white veil on her face arrived promptly. She was an important figure too after all, her power was not in any way less than her son. She shouted loudly as she waved her hand, and the few ten thousands of Bei Mu troops immediately stood on attention.

"Xiao Cheng Ying. Okay, okay." The King of Hun, who felt the shocking strength from Liu Yue's hands that was pressing against his neck, did not dare to be disrespectful as he gritted his teeth and bit out.

"Give way." When Liu Yue saw this, she dragged the mighty King of Hun towards the Empress Dowager Xiao of Bei Mu's golden black tent. She stood upright outside the tent and faced the Hun soldiers who were blocking their way and roaring in hostility.

The few Hun Generals looked at the King of Hun when they saw this.

"Make way." The King of Hun's face was completely ashen, but he was extremely direct as he shouted out. He also didn't make any kind of movement.

The tribesmen of the grass plains were born valiant, and their personality were very open and straightforward. A victory was a victory, a lost was a lost. They did not have any schemes of plots such as giving in to the enemy only to catch them off guard later.

The thousands of soldiers immediately made a way. Empress Dowager Xiao advanced forward, leading in the front as she held the King of Hun hostage.

The sound of iron hooves galloped quickly through the troops, and disappeared far away very quickly.

The good opportunity that only came by after meticulous, long time planning was actually foiled by Liu Yue who had showed up unexpectedly. Liu Yue had completely stopped the Hun's full force all by herself.

However, the Huns couldn't do anything. They could only watch as their King, fallen to their enemies' hands, was taken far away.

Across the grass plains and icy rivers.

For one whole day and night, they travelled more than a hundred miles in a hurry.

On the second night, in the midst of scattered sand and dusts, the Bei Mu troops clad in black iron followed like a hurricane. Their reinforcements have came, and furthermore, at this time, they had arrived at Bei Mu's territory.

Here, even without the King of Hun as their hostage, they would not be afraid of the Hun army, even if they were at full force.

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